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Q&A: Does the LaserComb Benefit Unhealthy Hair More Than Hair Loss?

Name: Michael

Question:  Does the HairMax LaserComb benefit more if you just have unhealthy hair, because I’ve read that it has no effect on Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in males?

The HairMax LaserComb Can Help Prevent Hair Loss When Used As Part of a Tailored Treatment Programme.Answer: The HairMax LaserComb helps hair growth regardless of whether it is simply unhealthy hair or whether there is hair loss due to Male Pattern Baldness. Laser treatment for hair can work by stimulating blood flow to the root of the hair follicle which helps to deliver nutrition to the follicle so that it stays strong. This encourages a healthy hair growth cycle. When it comes to hair loss, the only product (other than Minoxidil and Propecia) that shows significant evidence of encouraging healthy hair growth and preventing hair loss is the FDA-cleared HairMax Lasercomb.

This particular LaserComb has a unique patented mechanism whereby the combs are specially designed to part the hair so that the light can shine directly on the scalp without hair getting in the way. Many hoods and other forms of ‘hair laser’ do not sufficiently reach the scalp because hair gets in the way. As a result, the HairMax LaserComb is the only lasercomb to have received an FDA-clearance for hair loss prevention.

When it comes to reversing the effects of DHT (the hormone that causes Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss), Belgravia does not recommend the LaserComb as a stand-alone hair loss treatment. The LaserComb can complement a tailored treatment programme based around Minoxidil and/or Propecia by increasing the efficacy of these products.

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