Does Provillus or Procerin Work for a Receding Hairline?'

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Question: Hi, my hair line is slightly receding. Is there any harm in trying Provillus or Procerin? Any advice would be a great help thanks.

Answer: A receding hairline is a common early sign of Male Pattern Baldness which is caused by a predisposition genetic sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone attacks the hair follicles located around the top of the scalp, anywhere from the crown to the hairline and temples, causing the growth of new hair to slow and eventually stop.

This can result in a receding hairline, as you mention, as well as a drop in the hair's overall volume and thinning hair in the affected areas.

Provillus and Procerin are food supplements incorporating saw palmetto, a botanical ingredient thought to have anti-DHT properties. What they are not, however, are hair loss treatments.

There is a big difference between clinically-proven medications recognised by international medical regulatory authorities - being licensed by the MHRA in the UK and approved by the FDA in the USA - to treat male pattern baldness, and nutritional supplements which do not treat hair loss of any kind.

Though there may not be any harm taking either product - though always check with your doctor first if you are unsure of your medical suitability - it is unlikely that either will have a significant effect on hair growth. Like Belgravia's own supplement, Hair Vitalics for Men, which contains many of the same ingredients as Provillus and Procerin (including saw palmetto, plus biotin, zinc and selenium for the maintenance of normal healthy hair growth), none of these products are advised as a treatment to reduce hair loss.

A receding hairline is difficult to treat given hairs in this area are the slowest to grow of anywhere on the scalp. But, with the right approach and consistent use, receding hairline treatment may be beneficial - something many Belgravia patients have found - especially when help is sought early on.

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