Pumpkin Seeds – A Natural Hair Loss Cure?

Pumpkin Seeds for Hair Loss The Belgravia Centre

Although hair loss researchers are focusing much of their efforts on identifying genetic causes, and thereby treatments, for male pattern baldness, some are still looking at traditional, natural remedies. Scientists have this week announced some new findings surrounding pumpkin seeds and its effect on men experiencing hair loss caused by Androgenic Alopecia (male pattern baldness).

The test

Researchers selected 76 men, each of whom was affected by moderate Androgenic Alopecia for the study. To ensure the results were a true reflection of the efficacy of pumpkin seeds, none of the men were allowed to have used hair loss treatments of any kind in the previous three months, although it is not known what measures, if any, were put in place to enforce this.

The men were then divided into two groups. One was given a placebo, designed to have no positive hair growth effect. The others were given 800 milligram doses of pumpkin oil that had to be taken twice daily.

At the end of the three-month trial, all of the men were assessed by hair loss experts and graded according to whether they had grown or lost hair. The men were also asked to assess whether they felt there had been any improvement.

The results

Of the men who had taken the placebo, 28% had lost more hair than when they started the trial, and a further 64% had neither grown nor lost any new hair. The remaining 8% had experienced ‘slight or moderate regrowth’.

The men taking the pumpkin seed supplement however fared a lot better. 44% of experienced ‘slight or moderate regrowth’, and a further 51% were no worse off than when they started. Just one man experienced further hair loss during the trial.

Into the future

From these results the research team have deduced that pumpkin seed oil is perfectly safe for human consumption. That said, further research with a much larger group of subjects will be required to assess whether pumpkin seed oil really is beneficial for treating baldness, and to decide whether the results are temporary or permanent, or indeed induce any other side effects. Certainly the element of the study that relied upon the subjective analysis of the participants requires further scrutiny.

In the meantime, men affected by hair loss are best advised to speak to a dedicated expert to receive an accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment plan, if required. This plan will be customised to their specific needs and will most likely use clinically-approved treatments that have been proven to promote natural hair regrowth.

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