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Provillus, other hair loss supplements, and Propecia’s side effects…

Name: Mark Fender

Question: Do you use Provillus in your treatments?  I have tried Minoxidil, I don’t like the sound of the side effects from using Propecia. These two seem like the main products you use in treatment. Is there more to it than this? Of course with the addition of the shampoo and vits.

Answer: We do not use Provillus, but integrate our own similar supplement, Hair Vitalics into treatment courses. However, it is unlikely that any supplement will make a significant difference when it comes to hair loss prevention. As you may know, the only proven treatments are Propecia and minoxidil. A hair growth supplement can however be useful as a booster to be used alongside one or more of the proven treatments.

Contrary to what is published on many misleading websites, Propecia is a very safe drug. You will find that most of the websites that talk about the (so-called) dangers of the drug are ones that sell other products (such as supplements). These websites are unable to sell Propecia as it is a prescription medication so we find they tend to exaggerate its side effects in order to promote their own products.

Side effects from Propecia only affected under 2% of users in clinical trials. They were mostly mild and always wore of when treatment was stopped.  As Propecia leaves the body very quickly after you stop taking it, side effects will usually stop within hours. There are no long term side effects recorded and there is even recently discovered strong evidence to indicate that Propecia can help to reduce cancer.

The combination of minoxidil and Propecia forms the most effective known combination for the fight against hair loss and combined correctly, with the right dose of minoxidil to suit each individual, and the correct booster products for maximising results, there is no treatment combination more effective for hair growth.

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