Proud To Be Bald - DJ & Music Producer Goldie

Bald DJ Goldie Likes The Way He Looks

DJ Goldie has been making drum and bass records since the early 1990s, bringing the genre into the mainstream for the first time in 1995 with his debut album Timeless, which charted at number 7. His many talents include: DJ, graffiti artist, record producer, painter, actor (including Bond film The World Is Not Enough and Guy Ritchie's Snatch). In 2002 he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. More recently he took part in Maestro, the BBC2 series in which celebrities compete to be the best conductor.  

Earlier this month, Goldie featured in documentary that followed his first journey into classical music composition. Commissioned by the BBC, Goldie produced Sine Tempora (Without Time) and received warm praise from classic aficionados.

Not bad for a boy from the ‘burbs. Goldie didn’t have the easiest of starts to life. Born Clifford Joseph Price in 1965, in Walsall, Birmingham, to an absent Jamaican father and a Scottish mother who sang in pubs and brought home violent boyfriends, Goldie was taken into care when he was three. His younger brother Melvin stayed in the troubled home.

Goldie Cut His Hair For His BreakdancingWhile the foster homes made Goldie feel rejected and increased his need to compete against other children, they also introduced him to breakdancing and the urban scene that he would come to master. Known for his gold rings and gold teeth (his 14 implants are worth £100,000), some claim that the gold tooth caps were the source of the nickname Goldie but the DJ later put the record straight. Last September he told The Guardian, “I was called Goldie when I was a kid because of my hair. I had dreadlocks and they were light and coloured, so my name was Goldilocks.”

He explains that he cut the dreads off because they got in the way of his breakdancing and then he got gold teeth to match his name. But he did learn how to make gold tooth caps. He says that when he looks in the mirror, he sees “a young-looking, handsome man’ and that he now shaves his head because “I’m 42 and predominantly bald”.

Bald DJ Goldie Has Moved Into The Classical World RecentlyLike most men with hair loss, Goldie probably has male pattern baldness. Use of hair dyes in his younger years may have made his hair dryer and more prone to breakage but genetic hair loss is a common condition in men his age.

Goldie may have preferred the bald look in his younger years for his breakdancing but, for those men who are less concerned about doing head spins, there are proven, licensed hair loss treatments available.

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