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Procerin Clinical Trial – Do the Results Hold any Value?

Procerin is a supplement containing vitamins, minerals and various nutrients.  Although Procerin is marketed as a product for prevention of hair loss and hair regrowth, like all other ‘hair loss supplements’, there is no clinical evidence to suggest the product will be effective for this purpose.  Procerin is not a medically proven treatment for hair loss but their website displays results from an observational clinical study carried out by Procerin themselves. The trials were carried out under lenient guidelines and results are vague and inconclusive. More information on the study to follow, but first please read this information on official clinical trials:

What do official clinical trials entail?

Official clinical studies consist of a large number or participants that are closely monitored.  In the case of studies for hair loss products, hair count will be taken at the beginning and end of the study and subjects will be monitored closely to make sure that they use the product consistently as directed.  Official studies require a percentage of participants to use a placebo product.  A placebo resembles the real product but contains no active ingredients.  This ensures results of the active product can be compared against a group of people that are not actually taking the medication to ensure results would not have occurred naturally, had the subjects not taken the active product.  The only two medications that have shown successful results for hair loss prevention and regrowth from official clinical trials are MINOXIDIL and PROPECIA (click on name for more information).  These are the only two FDA approved hair loss treatments and most of the participants in the trials for each experienced hair regrowth.

What did the Procerin trials entail?

The Procerin website holds details of the study they carried out for the combination of their topical and oral products on 21 subjects.  The website claims that in the study, the participants were told to use the two Procerin products for 90 days.  It seems the Procerin study was not strictly monitored or controlled – subjects were simply told to take the product every day and not to use any other hair loss product over the 90 day duration.


Results of the study consisted of opinions from the participants – there was no hair count taken before or after the study, but photos were taken.  Results on the Procerin website state that most of the participants ‘agree or strongly agree that Procerin is effective in helping to slow down hair loss’.  Contrary to these claimed clinical results, Procerin state on their website that ”Procerin is effective in reversing hair loss in men caused by androgenetic alopecia”.  There is in fact no evidence to support this claim.

The Belgravia Centre produces a similar hair supplement to Procerin containing many of the same ingredients – HAIR VITALICS.  However, Hair Vitalics is recommended as a booster to the proven hair loss treatments in order to maximise results and improve the condition of the hair. As with Procerin, we do not recommend the use of Hair Vitalics on its own if hair regrowth is to be expected.

There are only two treatments that are proven to prevent and reverse hair loss. If prescribed at the optimum dose to suit the individual, and used and combined correctly, most users will experience hair regrowth from the use of these products. You can find more information on these treatments here – PROVEN HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS.

More information on Procerin, including opinions on the product from some of Belgravia’s experienced hair loss specialists – FEEDBACK ON PROCERIN.

And you’ll find another interesting related article from Belgravia’s blog here – HERBAL HAIR LOSS SUPPLEMENTS VS. PROVEN HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS.

Procerin ingredients:

Tablets: Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Pyroxide, Magnesium, Gotu Kola, Nettles, Pumpkin Seed, Eleuthero Root, Muira Puma Root, Uwa Ursi

Liquid: SD Alcohol 40, Purified Water, Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Alpha Linoleic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Evening Primrose Oil, Avacado Oil, Saw Palmetto Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Gamma Linoleic Acid, Pygeum Bark Extract, Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Zinc Sulfate, Pyroxide (Vitamin B6).

First posted on November 18th 2008. Updated on 26th January 2009.

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