Prince William's Hair Loss in Focus During Charity Event

The Daily Mail said Prince William's receding and patchy hairline was obvious

Prince William's "receding and patchy hairline was only too obvious under the flashbulbs" as he attended a charity event this week, the Daily Mail reports. While the future king’s hair loss is by no means new news, it does seem as though he has accepted the distinguished qualities of Royal hereditary tradition, despite prior suspicions of anything otherwise.

It was alleged in 2008 that Prince William was considering hair loss treatment. There are two medications licensed by the MHRA for the treatment of male pattern baldness which, for the majority of users, generate impressive results. However it would appear that like his father and uncles, Prince William is letting nature take its course.

Genetic hair loss affects about eight in 10 men and it can be inherited from both maternal and paternal sides of the family. With baldness present on both Prince Charles' and Diana’s side of the family, Princes William and Harry had slight chances of avoiding it. Although, Prince Harry seems to be spared the follicular challenge so far.

While hair loss is genetic, the family history is not necessarily a blueprint for future generations. There are suggestions that hair loss is becoming more prevalent in younger men, possibly due to lifestyle or environmental factors, but it has always been an individual experience. Some men start receding in their teen years while others won’t notice any thinning until they're in their 50s. Prince Charles was nearly 30 before the media picked up on his balding pate, while poor William was closer to 20.

Surrounded by the media while growing up, Prince William could have taken a similar route to most young celebrities these days. But to his credit, he appears to have no qualms with self-acceptance. And like his mother, Prince William has an impeccable public image.

Prince William cooking for charityThere was no sign of self-importance as the Prince cooked breakfast this week for some of the young homeless people of London. Dressed in jeans, trainers and a sweatshirt, Prince William was at Centrepoint to help celebrate the charity’s 40th anniversary, and talk to the people who have benefited from one of his mother’s favourite causes over the past four decades.

As he rustled up some sausages and eggs and licked his fingers after serving cake, William said it was "rewarding" to mingle with the few that were there.

"It's much more intimate than doing a big place all suited up and stuff…you don’t really get to actually talk to the guys and girls and actually hear their stories and find out a bit more about them," the Prince said.

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