Prince Charles Jokes about William’s Hair Loss at Wedding Breakfast

Prince Charles Prince William Hair Loss

There are surely few people who can get away with making a crack about the future King’s hair loss, particularly on his wedding day. But one of those is undoubtedly his father, who took full advantage of this fact at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding breakfast.

Those present, and indeed the great British public, might have expected such a jibe from roguish younger brother Prince Harry. But it was Prince Charles who made the remark, during a post wedding speech at Buckingham Palace.

The Prince of Wales, who has himself suffered hair loss since his twenties, was making a speech as the royal newlyweds enjoyed a wedding breakfast with honoured guests.

The thing about growing older is that your children get taller than you so they can see your bald spots,” Prince Charles said. “Now in my case, I can see his,” he joked.

There was then much laughter amongst the guests, as Prince William remarked, “You got there before Harry!”

Prince Harry was by contrast surprisingly well behaved, referring to the happy couple as the, “dude and duchess,” in a Best Man’s speech which reportedly moved the bride to tears. It was however alleged by a friend that he had cut a comment from his speech which made reference to Kate’s “killer legs”.

Prince William bares all at Royal Wedding

In the months before the wedding, the global media’s attention was focused as much on the Prince’s thinning hair as on what dress his bride Kate Middleton might wear on the big day. Speculation was also rife over whether he might attempt to do something to conceal or treat his hair loss prior to the wedding.

But as the television pictures beamed to millions around the world will testify, the Prince seemed comfortable going with the natural look, with no visible signs that he had attempted to treat his hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness

Like his father Prince Charles and uncle Prince Edward, the newly wed prince appears to have Male Pattern Baldness, the genetic hair loss condition which is the most common cause of hair loss amongst men.

Prince William, who is 28 years old, first started showing signs of hair loss when he was 20, and has since experienced a progressive thinning of the hair on the crown of his head. Over the years he has often been pictured wearing a hat, covering up his hair loss, but it would seem that he is gradually coming to terms with it and is no longer concerned about it being caught on camera.

Both Prince Charles and Prince Edward have also opted for the natural look with their hair loss, though it was once alleged that Prince Charles had undergone a hair loss treatment programme. There is however no evidence of this, and it is something that the Prince’s spokesman vehemently denied at the time.

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