Poinsettia Sap Linked to Hair Loss

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Their vibrant red leaves are synonymous with the holiday period but it seems the poinsettia plant has a hidden danger...

Sap from this festive foliage has a depilatory effect, meaning - if left on the skin for too long - it can cause hair loss, according to the highly respected hair transplant specialist, Dr. Bessam Farjo.

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Unless your Christmas food coma sees you accidentally using a poinsettia as a pillow for the traditional post-dinner snooze, this is unlikely to be of concern to scalp hair. However, it is certainly worth being aware of.

Other plants may be beneficial for hair loss

Poinsettias aside, some house plants may actually help to prevent hair loss.

A number of studies have confirmed the link between air pollution, the oxidative stress it can cause, and premature hairloss, specifically Male Pattern Baldness.

Various plants are known to offset air pollutants in the atmosphere which contribute to oxidative stress and, therefore, may help to lower the risk of this developing.

It's not just house plants that can have hair-friendly effects either; adding more plant-based foods to your diet has been found to have both hair growth and hair loss benefits.

Additionally, the botanical extract saw palmetto, which is taken from the berry of the saw palmetto plant and features in the formulation for Belgravia Hair Vitalics for Men supplement, is believed to inhibit dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This is the hormone which causes thinning hair in men and women with a predisposition to genetic hair loss.

There are numerous other plants - including aloe vera - which are often touted as helping healthy hair growth, however, far more research is needed before a true connection can be established.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss

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