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Plymouth Teenager Thanked for Charity Hair Donation


Neve Robertson, aged 15 from Plymouth, has been thanked by the Little Princess Trust for donating 18 inches of her hair to the charity.

The teenager, who had waist-length hair, was inspired to donate her hair to help increase the confidence of children with hair loss. “If I can help children to feel good about themselves then I know I’m doing the right thing,” said Neve. “The children’s hair might not grow back but mine will.”

An inspiration to others

Neve before and after her hair donation to the Little Princess Trust

Kind Neve Pictured Before and After The Charity Cut

Neve’s mum Jane is proud of her daughter’s decision to help others, especially as she was nervous about getting her hair cut: “She was scared about doing it but thought she could help children going through a very upsetting time in their lives, so she made her decision. She’s definitely a thoughtful and giving child.”

In addition to donating her hair, Neve is also fundraising for the charity which provides wigs for children affected by hair loss. When she got her hair cut off, she also inspired the hairdressers at the salon to donate to the cause. Hairdresser Pam Doidge said: “Young girls can be very precious about their hair but her dedication to raising money and providing hair for the charity is wonderful. We’ve done the cut for free and are donating to Little Princess trust ourselves.”

A special thank you

Little Princess Trust Charity Manager, Monica Glass, is delighted with Neve’s efforts: “On behalf of all of the children that the Little Princess Trusts assists, I would like to extend a very special thank you to Neve. It is wonderful that someone so young wishes to do so much for others. Neve’s donated hair will be blended with other contributions, just like hers, and will be made into a wig for a child either with cancer or with another illness or condition that causes associated hair loss.”

The Little Princess Trust help children who have lost their hair through conditions such as Alopecia or following chemotherapy treatment. Thanks to the charity, children with hair loss are able to access realistic wigs – something that was difficult to find and often prohibitively expensive before the charity was set up. The money raised by Neve will go towards the production and purchase of wigs, something Monica is also grateful for: “The money Neve is raising, thanks to her kind and generous supporters, will go towards the purchase of further wigs for other boys and girls suffering in the same way. Neve is a true inspiration and we are very grateful to her.”

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