Pixie Geldof Has Bald Patches? What Really Happened To Her Hair

Pixie Geldof's Bald Patch

According to The Daily Mail, Pixie Geldof’s addiction to bleach has left her with thinning hairand bald patches. The rest of us mere mortals know it’s not easy to carry off the peroxide look and maintain a healthy head of hair, and we thought Ms Geldof had, albeit unfairly, managed quite fine for almost two years. It seems there is justice in the world.

Luckily for her though, hair dye doesn’t cause baldness. What we see in the photo doesn’t appear to be an actual bald spot but we can visibly see her scalp. It’s more likely excessive colouring and perhaps the use of heat appliances have simply left Pixie’s crop a little worse for wear. Pixie Geldof's Hair is ThinningApart from monthly bleaching sessions, the socialite has tested the waters with black and pink tones in the past. These are the sorts of habits that leave the hair dull, dry and brittle which leads to breakage that may appear to result in thinning hair.

However, although the quality of hair will not be the same, any hair loss as a result of colouring should be corrected in time. The hair breaks along the shaft rather than falls from the root as a result of dyeing it and unless the chemical in products such as bleach and relaxers are left on too long and lead to an irritation or scalp burn, it’s unlikely to cause permanent baldness.
Pink Hair Pixie
Unlike sister Peaches, Pixie has not yet succumbed to the temptation of hair extensions. They were a Hollywood craze for a while, until all the A-listers found they were losing their hair. Traction alopecia is the technical name for the receding hairline or bald patches left behind after hair extensions have done their damage. If worn constantly, the stress on the hair follicles can lead to permanent bald patches. Hair can grow back though if the extensions are taken out and proper hair care is maintained, but some people require hair loss treatments to get the ball rolling again.

As for Pixie, we should see her thinning hair return to normal whatever normal is for her (we forget!) within a few months. If it doesn’t, she may be part of the approximate 50% of women who inherit female pattern hair loss. The genetic tendency can be inherited from either side of the family and can skip generations. Normally hair doesn’t start to thin out until menopause, but it’s not uncommon for it to take effect in younger women who have exposed their hair follicles to some sort of internal or external damage. Still, we think her chances of re-growth are pretty good.

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