Perez Hilton Displays Hair Loss on Celebrity Big Brother

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Controversial Celebrity Big Brother contestant Perez Hilton said he went on the programme to show the public the 'real him' - seemingly including his hair loss.

Signs of male hair loss

The tables have turned on the American gossip blogger, who has made a career from scrutinising celebrities' imperfections, as the reality show's cameras reveal he is clearly displaying signs of male pattern baldness. Footage from the Channel 5 series show that Hilton appears to be experiencing general thinning on top as well as having a widow's peak. His site recently ran a story entitled 'Guess The Celebs With Receding Hairlines!' although Perez himself did not feature.

The LA-based Hilton, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira Jnr, runs his eponymous blog which gained internet infamy around a decade ago by publishing stories about celebrities' looks and love lives. These were often accompanied by unflattering images with crudely drawn circles and arrows to highlight any perceived flaws. (Story continues below)

Perez Hilton Shows Signs of Hair Loss on Celebrity Big Brother

Stress and weight loss

The links between stress and hair loss in high earning men have been documented and Perez may find that his highly strung disposition, as seen on CBB, coupled with frequently being on the receiving end of lawsuits over his blog stories, may exacerbate any propensity to genetic hair loss. This could also be said of the anxiety caused by being a single father since his son, Mario Armando Lavandeira III, was born via a surrogate in 2013.

The 36 year old has lost a significant amount of weight in recent years, which started in 2004 with Hilton dropping 3 stone in three months as part of a show for MTV. Pattern hair loss and thinning hair from temporary hair loss conditions can be triggered by rapid weight loss, so this could also have contributed to Perez's current hair loss.

Big Brother hair loss

Celebrity Big Brother Contestants Calum Best and Katie Price Have Both Had Hair Loss IssuesWhilst fellow housemate Calum Best, who has just had his third hair transplant and admitted that he would consider a fourth if necessary, has been the butt of hairloss jokes, Perez has escaped comment.

But it's not just the boys of the Big Brother house that have experienced hair loss woes. Katie Price has also previously spoken out about the damage caused by using hair extensions.

Seeking treatment

It appears that Hilton's balding is still at a mild-to-moderate level so, should Perez decide to seek help for his hair loss, a bespoke male hair loss treatment course featuring either or both of the only two clinically-proven medications to be both MHRA licensed and FDA approved for this purpose, could provide significant regrowth results.

Additional hair growth supporting products from food supplements to low-level laser therapy devices can also be used alongside these pharmaceutical elements.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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