Pep Guardiola's Hair Loss

Pep Guardiola Hair Loss

The Belgravia Centre’s hair loss blog has covered the fates and fortunes of many footballers and managers over the years, recently noting that the most successful managers of the English Premier League also seem to be remarkably lucky (or forward thinking) when it comes to their hair lines. However, successful management of a high profile football club does not seem to be enough to guarantee a full head of hair for life.

Former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiloa appears to be one of those who has experienced footballing success both as player and manager, yet lost much of his hair in the process. Unlike management heavyweights Alex Ferguson (71), Arsene Wenger (63) and Jose Mourinho (49), Guardiola has lost a significant proportion of his hair, despite being a relatively youthful 41 years of age.

Is age a factor?

By the age of 40, around 40% of men will have experienced some form of hair loss. As such, Guardiola may be in a minority, but his hair loss is far from unusual.

Pep is being affected by the most common cause of hair loss in men, a condition known as Androgenic Alopecia (or more commonly, Male Pattern Balding). Men who are genetically predisposed to Androgenic Alopecia convert the male hormone testosterone into a secondary hormone known as DHT. DHT, an androgen, then attacks the hair follicles, causing the attached hair to fall out.

Is stress to blame?

Managing one of the largest clubs in the world brings with it all manner of emotional stresses and strains. Barcelona has one of the most loyal fanbases globally, with supporters actually owning the football club. A manager who alienates the fans is risking his job meaning that Pep’s high profile role is a particularly high pressure one.

Stress is believed to be a major factor in accelerating a number of hair loss conditions including Male Pattern hair Loss so it is possible that work-related anxiety has exacerbated Pep’s receding hairline.

Is it too late for Pep?

Pep Guardiola Hair Loss Many Belgravia clients with hair loss similar to Pep Guardiola's experience vast amounts of hair regrowth

Male Pattern Hair Loss is an extremely treatable condition and if the best hair loss treatments are used, most men will stop losing their hair and regrow some degree of hair.

The first step in any hair loss treatment programme is to identify the pattern and stage of the condition and formulate a personalised plan to prevent further hair loss. Using a custom combination of medications, diet and other complementary therapies, the hair loss sufferer should then have all the building blocks required to promote hair regrowth as has been the case for so many of Belgravia's patients.

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