People Still Need Hair Loss Products in Credit Crunch

We may still be in the depths of a global recession but if there’s one thing people aren’t prepared to give up in such times, it’s their appearance - and perhaps their daily coffee. As unemployment levels rise and the cost of food goes up, people are spending on average £36-£40 a month on beauty products and according to high street surveys, a large proportion is being allocated to hair loss products. But while they continue to spend to find a solution that works, they could be already on the road to hair growth and be taking advantage of all the sales instead.

People not prepared to give up hair loss products or Starbucks in recessionThere are some things that we can substitute during a credit crunch. Of course we’d prefer Starbucks in the mornings, but instant coffee will still do the job. Some things though cannot be substituted. Clinically proven hair loss treatments win hands down over high street products and hair supplements. They have been subjected to years of testing and studies to prove they work to prevent hair loss, retain hairlines and increase hair growth, and are even approved by government representative medical agencies.

It can be difficult to find effective solutions to hair loss, but figures clearly demonstrate that people are continuing to search for their ideal product. There are loads of products that pose as clinically tested hair remedies but unless they’ve got the FDA or MHRA’s tick of approval, it’s likely they’re a waste of your time and money. Some people though, aren’t prepared to give up their Costa Coffee of a morning and won’t put up with the clever and conniving marketing ploys of products that make hair growth claims they can’t deliver.

Coffee shops continue to boom in the UK as people refuse to give up their daily brew. When it comes to hair loss prevention, you can’t expect a cosmeceutical product or supplement to be everything you’d hope it to be. You need specialist care, advice and treatments that are proven to work. You might not have lost anything after a short period of by-passing your Cafe Nero detour, but those who spend time trying unproven hair loss treatments to no avail end up not only a few pound out of pocket, but a few extra strands short as well. 

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