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A 62 year-old pensioner named Elaine Giannone has agreed to have her head shaved for charity. Elaine is hoping to raise thousands of pounds for Headway. The brain injury charity has a store in Norwich, in which Elaine works.Pensioner, Elaine Giannone, Will Shave Her Waist Length Hair For Charity, Headway

The sponsored head shave will see Elaine lose eight years worth of hair growth: Her hair currently reaches the base of her spine and she spends time every day braiding it. Elaine says that by having her hair shaved off she is showing solidarity with people about to undergo brain surgery who must also have their hair removed:

“People say I don’t act my age and I definitely don’t feel it. After eight years of growing my really long hair - it’s time to do something funky with it. People who are involved in car accidents or sustain other kinds of brain injury often have their heads shaved before undergoing brain surgery. They don’t have a choice - I do. I want to shave my hair as a mark of solidarity for these people.”

The charity shave is due to take place outside the Headway Charity Shop on Leicester Street in Norwich on Saturday 20th September at 1pm. Donations can be dropped off at the charity shop on the day or ahead of the event.

Encouraging hair regrowth after surgery

In most cases people who have had their heads shaved in preparation for surgery will find that the hair grows back naturally although if there are any concerns about damage to the hair follicles, or hair loss following surgery, it is a good idea to book a consultation with a hair loss specialist to get an expert opinion.

There are some ways to ensure that the regrowth is quick and healthy as possible:

1. Eat a balanced diet

Healthy hair growth

relies on a combination of vitamins and minerals. It is important to ensure that your post-operative diet contains plenty of iron, vitamins D and B, Selenium and Zinc.

2. Get rested

Taking time out to rest after surgery gives your body time to recover. Keeping stress levels low will also help you to avoid secondary conditions such as Telogen Effluvium which show some signs of being related to surgery, trauma and severe emotional stress.

3. Laser comb

It may sound strange, but running a LaserComb over your scalp as hair regrows could help to speed the regrowth process. Laser light energy penetrates the scalp, increasing the action of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) an important molecule in the transport of energy between cells, and thought to boost hair growth.

The Belgravia Centre would like to extend their best wishes to Elaine Giannone and the people she is helping through her charitable efforts.

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In this article: Hair Loss