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Patrice Evra Considers Hair Transplant to Deal with Hair Loss


Former Manchester United left-back and football pundit, Patrice Evra has revealed he is having a hair transplant to deal with advancing hair loss.

In a video posted to his official Instagram account, the controversial star – who has just returned to Manchester United as a trainee coach, working in the club’s youth academy – revealed his plans for tackling his clear case of Male Pattern Baldness.

Known for his often off-beat sense of humour, Senegalese Evra said the reason for wanting his “Jackson 5” back was “I don’t want to be called mini Malteser” adding that his bald big brother, Dominique, is known as Big Malteser, after the smooth, round chocolates.

Tried to hide his hairline

“This is my confession, I am losing my hair,” he says in the Instagram video posted on 8th October 2019. “I tried hiding it with polishes and by staying like that…” he adds, leaning back so his receding hairline and thinning on top is hidden from the camera. Continues below…

The ‘polishes’ he refers to are most likely hair loss concealers which are painted on, the most famous of which is Bigen. It is a very dark powder dye which is mixed into a paste and applied to the hair and scalp to give the appearance of fuller hair. Whilst it can work as a cosmetic illusion if done well, if it is done badly it tends to look cartoonishly unnatural as any Google search for ‘Bigen Blackout’ will show.

This type of hair loss solution tends to gradually wear off and faded remains can be seen as the 38-year old leans in to the camera to show his thinning hair.

Opting for hair transplant surgery

Tagging a Canada-based hair transplant clinic in his post, Patrice Evra tells him, “Doc, I want my Jackson 5 back, I want my Marouane Fellaini before letting his 6.5 million followers, “I’m not fake, I’m not a magician – if you see me one day with a lot of hair, I find hair somewhere.”

Whether or not he has actually gone ahead with the surgery remains unclear as, despite regular posts on social media, he shows none of the signs associated with having a hair transplant. These can include a shaved head and raised, inflamed ‘bumps’ in the donor and recipient areas of the scalp.

In a post from 17th October, just 9 days later, he mentions again in a motivational Instagram video, “Winter is coming and my hair is coming back too! My Jackson Five is coming back!”

If Patrice Evra’s hair is regrowing without surgery, it could be that he has started a course of male hair loss treatment featuring one or both of the medications high strength minoxidil (topical) and finasteride 1mg (oral).

These clinically-proven hair loss solutions have both been MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved for the treatment of male pattern baldness, and have been seen to help regrow hair in cases where follicles are still active.

Given Evra does not appear to have gone bald just yet, this makes him a valid candidate for non-surgical hairloss treatment which may be further bolstered by the addition of hair growth supporting products.

These include low-level laser home-use device options such as the LaserBand, which is worn for between 90 seconds and 3 minutes, 3 times per week and stimulates the follicles, and Hair Vitalics for Men supplements which contain key ingredients including biotin, zinc and selenium, to support the maintenance of normal, healthy hair growth.

A personalised course comprising optimum products for each individual is tailored for them, based on their condition, level and pattern of shedding and their medical profile following a professional consultation with a dedicated hair loss specialist.

Whatever route he is taking, we wish Patrice Evra the best of luck in preventing baldness and regrowing his Jackson 5, and look forward to monitoring its progress during his TV punditry sessions.

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