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‘Pain of Male Hair Loss’ Spoof Highlights Real Issues

Satirical news website The Onion set social media ablaze recently with a humorous ‘report’ into how Male Hair Loss was ‘seven times more painful than childbirth’.

The Onion Spoof Story About the Pain of Male Hair LossAs the story spread online, however, in some instances it became divorced from its comedic origins, with the result that a number of people around the world must have been left in something of a daze having just read so-called ‘facts’ that the pain of hair loss is “like waves of all-consuming pain equivalent to having your insides ripped out through the thousands of tiny follicles on your head.”

For the record – it is not! Male Pattern Baldness is entirely painless, at least physically. Mentally, however, can be a very different story indeed.

Importance of hair to men

You have only to look at boys in their late teens and men in their 20s to see how important hair styles are to personal identity. Losing the ability to sculpt hair into exactly the style they like can leave many men with a real loss of self-esteem. While the pain might not be seven times worse than that experienced during childbirth, the experience can nonetheless be crushing.

By the time they’re 20, roughly one in five men will experience some degree of hair loss, the incidence doubling once men get to 35. Since childhood, we associate baldness with ageing – little wonder, when three-quarters of men will have lost some hair by the time they pass 60.

So when hair loss strikes it can be debilitating. As journalist Tom Fordy, writing in The Telegraph, put it: “No one likes to admit that they’re getting older, let alone have the evidence gleaming back at them every time we look in the mirror.”

Hair loss and confidence

Many men find that losing their hair strips away their confidence. This is something Belgravia’s hair loss specialists hear regularly from men of all ages.

When men no longer feel so good about how they look, they can lose some of their swagger. Linked to this in many instances is that men sometimes no longer feel as attractive to women as they once did – yet a study published in Psychology Today found that women are far less concerned about male hair loss than men thought.

Reports like this, though, do little to patch up the feelings of ageing and the loss of control that comes with the onset of baldness. In the case of genetic hair loss, ignoring the issue will not make it go away, either – it is a progressive condition that will get worse over time.

The first step to regaining confidence is to accept what is happening. Then, once you have come to terms with the fact that – like millions of men all round the world – you are seeing signs of hair loss, the next step is deciding what to do about it.

Taking control

Whilst going with it and seeing what happens is of course an option, many men like to take a more proactive approach. This can take the form of embracing a short, closely shaven look; alternatively, for those who are not yet ready to lose their hair or feel they do not suit a shaved head, male hair loss treatments are a valid consideration

There are two clinically-proven treatments for male hair loss which have been licensed by the MHRA and the FDA (the medical regulatory bodies in the UK and USA respectively). These are finasteride 1mg and minoxidil and these can be used in conjunction with hair growth boosters to help men prevent further shedding and regrow their hair.

Sometimes being proactive in itself is a huge confidence-booster for men, who feel like they are not just sitting back and letting the ageing process run its course. Clients often say how seeing their regrowth results, too, is encouraging, with many men noticing stabilisation and signs of regrowth within the first three-to-six months of starting treatment.

So, whilst the pain of hair loss may not be physical, its effect on a man’s ego is not to be overlooked but at least there are options and support available.

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