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Believe it or not, a hair loss sufferers worst enemy is frequently the most unlikely culprit – their GP! We have heard numerous reports of men (and women) going to their GP for help with hair loss, only to be informed that there is nothing that can be done and the patient has no choice but to go bald gracefully.  This is something that will generally make a person lose hope – after all, if you can’t trust your GP who can you trust?

Doctor Patient

Although there are many knowledgeable GPs that refer their patients to Belgravia frequently, there are unfortunately some GPs out there that have not carried out enough research into the treatments currently available for hair loss, which have come a long way in the past decade or so.

We invite anybody experiencing hair loss to come in for a free consultation and speak to a Belgravia trichologist and treatment advisor about all of the steps that can be taken to prevent hair loss.  Our treatment courses are medically proven and help thousands of people to regrow their hair every year.  Please click on the following links for more information:


We would also welcome and encourage any GP to come and take a tour of our clinic and pharmacy where we can offer detailed information on all of the medically proven treatment combinations available, giving you the opportunity to offer your patients the best possible advice on all of the effective solutions for hair loss.

Hair Loss TreatmentsName: Adam

Question: If hair is made out of protein, will eating a high-protein diet have any beneficial effects on hair growth?

Answer: A high protein diet (around 40% of your daily calorie intake comes from protein) can benefit hair growth but will not significantly affect hair loss prevention. Protein helps to keep our hair and nails strong. A well balanced diet is always recommended for both hair growth and overall health.

Hair Loss Belgravia CentreThe Daily Mirror today contacted one of the Belgravia Centre’s senior trichologists, Leonora Doclis, to request some expert advice on Naomi Campbell’s current hair condition. Recent photos show that Naomi’s parting seems to be wider than normal and the Mirror assumed this was caused by some form of hair loss.  Leonora advised that this possible hair loss could be caused by excessive pulling on the hair, but there is no way to tell conclusively by a photo alone.

Leonora told the Mirror, “There is a possibility that Ms Campbell could be experiencing a condition called traction alopecia but, if so, it is a very mild case.

“Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by excessive and long-term pulling on the hair follicles. This can be due to hair extensions or weaves and results in deterioration of the hair’s thickness. It is possible to repair this condition by the use of certain treatments but the results depend on the severity of the condition and extent of the hair loss.”

 You can see the full story here – Daily Mirror Story.

  • Hair is the second-fastest growing tissue on the body; bone marrow is the fastest.
  • 10% of scalp hairs are resting – the remainder are growing.
  • The average diameter of a hair is 0.03mm – this means that about 30 strands of hair will add up to a millimetre.

Check back next week for our final three interesting facts about hair!

Question: I’ve just noticed a bald patch on the top of my head. It’s round and about the size of a 2 pence piece. It’s strange because I’ve never noticed it before and it’s quite big – it must’ve literally come up over night! I’ve read up about bald patches on the internet and it seems it might be alopecia but I’m really worried because I don’t want to lose all my hair. Please help!

Answer: I wouldn’t say there’s too much reason to worry. It is understandable that a sudden patch of hair loss of this size (Alopecia Areata) can be a shock but from experience I can tell you that most of the time it will not progress into Alopecia Totalis or Universalis (loss of all scalp hair or all body hair respectively). With Totalis or Universalis the initial loss is generally more extreme than just one patch – people will experience a vast amount of hair being lost at once.

For patchy Alopecia we find that minoxidil cream grows the patches of hair back most of the time.

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Alopecia Patch Alopecia regrowth
Alopecia Patch                            Regrowth after 4 months

  • Shaving hair does not cause it to grow faster.
  • The only places on the surface of a human body that hair does not grow are the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, mucous membranes and the lips.
  • As we age the number of pigments in the hair decreases which results in the hair becoming grey or white.

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