Paddy McGuinness Reveals Thinning Hair in Coronation Street Cameo

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Fans may have loved Paddy McGuinness' recent appearances in Coronation Street, but it seems the actor himself wasn't too happy after seeing his hair loss on screen.

Paddy McGuinness Reveals Thinning Hair During Coronation Street AppearanceThinning on top

The Take Me Out host took his look back to basics to play Dougie, a keen outdoorsman, as part of a camping storyline on the ITV soap. But - in sharp contrast to the jet black look he usually favours - McGuinness found that sporting a closely cropped style in his natural hair colour didn't work so well on camera.

The harsh combination of forest sun and TV lighting shone directly onto his scalp, highlighting what appeared to be McGuinness' acutely thinning hair.

'Made my hair look thin'

'I love how the @ITVCorrie make up team have made my hair look thin,' he tweeted after his Corrie debut aired.

'Myself and @alanhalsall take that kind of thing very seriously' he added, mentioning the actor who plays Street mainstay Tyrone Dobbs and also shows signs of hair loss.

Paddy McGuinness Tweets About his Thinning Hair on CorrieFrom the many jokes he has made about his hair in the past, and Alan Halsall's emoji-filled response, we're assuming the comedian's tweet was firmly tongue-in-cheek.

Social media users were quick to jump on the subject, bantering about Paddy's male pattern baldness, and punning on some of his famous catchphrases.

'Let the hair see the transplant?' suggested one, whilst others wondered if he'd already 'done a Rooney' and had hair restoration surgery that was perhaps waiting to grow. One hair transplant clinic even offered the actor a free procedure, although he politely turned this down, joking 'Thanks but you need a new telly'.

Ways to combat thinning hair

During his TV appearances, Paddy McGuinness is often seen with short, dark hair which does not look to be thinning. This could be the result of using shake-on microscopic fibres, or a coloured spray designed to help conceal hair loss which is popular with actors.

Should the 42 year old decide he would like a less temporary solution for his hair loss, which currently presents as vertex thinning (along the top of his head), there are three effective options available to him. If shaving his head or following in pal James Nesbitt's surgical hair transplant steps is not for him, male hair loss treatment could be a good alternative.

Judging by Coronation Street footage, McGuinness has a good base with which to work. This means his follicles are still active so, if he were to undergo treatment using topical applications of high strength minoxidil - a clinically-proven hair loss treatment also said to be used by Tom Cruise - these would stimulate the follicles, coaxing them back into action.

A daily tablet of Finasteride 1mg can also inhibit the DHT which causes hair deterioration from male pattern hair loss by attacking the follicles, causing them to weaken and shrink. This miniaturisation process gives the hairs around the top of the head - the area affected by this condition - the outward appearance of thinning, and can lead to eventual baldness.

Both these medications are clinically-proven, having been both MHRA licensed and FDA approved for the treatment of male pattern baldness.

Whatever Paddy decides to do, one thing concerns his fans far more than his hair - given his rapturous reception, will Coronation Street extend his run?

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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