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Overnight Hair Loss Treatments

overnight hair loss treatmentsHair loss is no longer a problem that people should have to deal with. There are plenty of hair loss solutions out there but the problem is that people stricken with the agony of hair loss are desperate to find a quick fix solution and will jump from one treatment to another in the hope they’ll stumble across a hair loss product that will give them the results they hope for. The thing about hair loss is that in most cases it is a gradual progression. You don’t just wake up bald one morning so, likewise, you can’t expect the treatment to work overnight. Hair loss treatments need some time to show results so you must be patient. If you stick to it, in time you’ll see the desired results. The key to getting the results you want and fast is to start with the best – the clinically and scientifically proven treatments for hair loss.

Only a few products have actually been approved as a bona fide hair loss treatment. To be more precise, there are only two medications that have the approval of the FDA – minoxidil and Propecia. Like all medications minoxidil and Propecia can have side effects but rest assured they are minimal, rare and wear off with continued use, and no long-term side effects have been reported. The Hair Max Laser Comb is the only other device for hair loss that has been FDA-cleared and no adverse reactions have been acknowledged with this product. Used in conjunction with the other proven hair loss treatments they can generate new hair growth. The combined effect is a block in the progression and successful treatment of hair loss.

Due to the very nature of hair loss, these hair loss treatments can take time. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a bi-product our bodies produce that in some people causes hair loss. The anti-androgens in the FDA-approved medications work to inhibit the formation of DHT, targeting the root cause of hair loss. Everyone’s reactions to the treatments vary but six months of treatment is recommended so results have an opportunity to present.

overnight hair loss treatmentsBefore undertaking any course of treatment for hair loss you should consult a medical professional. A trichologist is trained in hair and scalp care and will be able to diagnose the condition and inform you of the best course of action. In some cases treatment may not even be necessary – telogen effluvium for instance is a condition brought on by one-off stresses or events, such as childbirth. The main symptoms of the condition are excess shedding and thinning hair but it will, in most cases and in time, correct itself. If not, hair loss treatments will help the regrowth of hair.

Hair loss can be devastating but it can also be treated. Instead of panicking over hair fall and accumulating all hair loss products known to man, you should consult a specialist for expert advice and get the right treatment from the outset. That way you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and grief, and be miles closer in restoring your hair, provided you are determined to do so.

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