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Oscar Nominee Viola Davis and Reducing the Risk of Hair Loss


Viola Davis Natural Afro Hairstyle The Belgravia CentreOscar nominee Viola Davis’ striking look at this year’s Academy Awards look was inspired by her mum, who helped her choose a wig-free cropped hairstyle. The actress, nominated for her role in The Help, had appeared at many events during ‘awards season’ in a series of hairpieces, but at the 84th annual Oscars ceremony in Hollywood last weekend, the 46-year-old chose to appear on the red carpet with a relatively simple, curly Afro and looked stunning – with media commentators and columnists praising her for revealing her short hair in all its natural glory.

Afro hair and hair loss

Many African-American actresses opt for weaves, chemically straightened looks or hair extensions, with a large proportion citing the stresses of constant grooming as the main reason. But Afro hair is prone to damage and many styles can potentially cause hair loss.

In particular, Traction Alopecia is a condition where the hair is put under extreme tension, resulting in the hair on the scalp beginning to shed. This mainly affects women, as they are more likely to wear hairstyles conducive to the condition.

Traction Alopecia and its causes

When hair is subjected to prolonged or excessive tension, the hair shaft is pulled, damaging the hair follicle. In the first instance, hair begins to shed, but if the tension is kept up it can eventually cause hair growth to slow, and even stop.

Traction Alopecia is usually treatable however, providing that the affected hair follicles are still viable when treatment begins. Any hairstyle which requires a tight restraint on the hair can cause the condition. The most common hairstyles thought to contribute to this type of hairloss are braids and cornrows pulled excessively tight across the scalp.

Constant application of hair extensions can also cause Traction Alopecia as the weight of the artificial hair pulls on the shaft and follicle. If you frequently wear extensions, always get them fitted by a professional and take their advice on when your hair has had enough.

How The Belgravia Centre can help

If you are concerned about Traction Alopecia and want to do something about it, contact one of our specialists at The Belgravia Centre to find out exactly how we can help.

The Belgravia Clinic offers a personalised hair loss treatment plan of effective medications and hair growth boosters to ensure your hair grows back to its thickest and healthiest state. Have a look at our success stories to find examples of people we’ve helped: it’s the biggest collection of hair loss success stories in the world!

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