Only My Hairline is Thinning...Do You Have Any Suggestions?

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Question: Hi there, I am 28 yrs old & noticing that my hairline is receding. Only my hairline is thinning. I work & spend most of my time in Australia although I am from Glasgow so attending for consultation is not practical. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: A receding hairline is usually the early signs of male pattern hair loss. Earlier intervention is best, since you cannot regrow the hair once that area of the scalp becomes shiny and bald. At Belgravia Centre, we have found that in many cases of frontal hair loss, a high strength minoxidil cream on the thinning area can achieve strong regrowth results. You can take a look at one Belgravia patient's success story, which details the minoxidil 12.5% Azelaic Acid treatment that he used and the great results that he achieved.

In terms of your location, you can fill in an online diagnostic form, which allows a hair loss specialist to remotely diagnose you. A bespoke plan containing a combination of hair loss treatments will then be put together on your behalf. There is no obligation to go ahead with treatment up to this point, but should you wish to, your hair loss treatment plan can be posted out to you in Australia.

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