Online Product Reviews Misleading Hair Loss Sufferers

You’re arguably more likely to be conned when shopping online than if you were physically going into a shop because you don’t have all your senses about you. You’re restricted to just sight and sometimes you don’t even know who you’re purchasing the product from or indeed what is really is. A recent survey suggests that over 40% of internet users could be misled by fake online reviews for a whole range of items, including hair loss products.

Often people who think they’re experiencing thinning hair do their own research to find out how they can regain control over their hairline, but many are being lured by unscrupulous operators trying to promote their products. The older generation are most likely to fall for fake reviews, according to the survey. Younger people tend to be more internet savvy and can generally sniff out a con but sometimes it can be difficult to tell.

Fake Online Review - you don't know who is writing what for whomParticularly with hair and beauty products, the industry is largely unregulated but the problem of defining which one can follow through on its promises is made even harder when they go online. There are only a few clinically proven and medically approved hair loss treatments but a lot of uncensored product review sites will have you convinced otherwise because people can print just about anything they want about a product and they can plug their angle under numerous guises, simply by changing their name on the forum.

The hair loss product guide on the Belgravia Centre’s website attempts to present factual, information-based content and statistics derived from medical research and clinical studies, and remain untainted by anonymous consumer hearsay. Customer reviews are valued by potential consumers but be savvy about which reviews you can believe and be prepared to take them with a grain of salt. Most of the time if a product sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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