Online Dating and Hair Loss – Is Using An Old Photo Ever OK?

Online dating is more popular than ever before. And while it presents a number of new challenges for all users, the rising popularity of these sites has created a particular dilemma for those experiencing hair loss.

Online Dating - Is It Ever Ok To Use An Old Photo?Online dating picture rules

In a recent Help Desk column, alternative tabloid The Austin Chronicle published an answer to a male reader experiencing hair loss, who asked: “What are the rules for keeping an online photo up-to-date, and how much can I bend those rules?”

The column explained simply that the newer online usage hasn't changed the need for honesty: “The answer to this question hasn’t changed in the past decade: photos always tell everything. Your online dating photos need to give people a realistic idea of what you look like now, for their sake and for yours”.

Self-esteem issues

Male Pattern Baldness

affects 25% of men by the time they are 30, and by age 60 around two thirds of men will be affected. But the prevalence of this hereditary condition does not reduce the self-esteem issue of thinning hair for many men.

Many of those affected are afraid to use pictures of their current hairline in online dating profiles answers to the Austin Chronicle’s post alerted the questioner to many online cheats using old pictures.

Baldness can be attractive

Online Dating

Despite this, previous studies have suggested that baldness and grey hair can be attractive to younger women. A poll by Psychology Today also found that women are generally much less concerned with a man's hair loss than their partners.

However you feel about thinning hair, the general consensus seems to be that only recent, accurate pictures will do on dating sites.

David Wheeler, creator of start-up dating site Settle For Love, believes honesty is the best policy and encourages online daters to disclose hair loss. He says, “Nobody is flawless or perfect. We believe being upfront from the start will not only show one’s personality, but build happier, healthier relationships.

If you’re starting to see signs of a receding hairline, or perhaps a thinning crown, but are not ready to embrace balding just yet, contact a hair loss specialist for a diagnosis and more information about the best treatments for your condition.

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