Onions: Good for Hair Health, Hopeless for Hair Loss

Owning up to the fact that they’ve got an issue with hair loss and probably in need of some professional help can be an enormous step for many. As a result, the preferred route for some is public denial and to quietly resort to treatments that have more in common with old wives' tales than state-of-the-art modern medications.

Whereas experts today typically rely on a number of medically-proven pharmaceutical hair loss treatments, the alternative, DIY-route is laden with such things as eating crusty bread, washing hair in coffee... and onions. Lots of onions. If there is one ‘miracle cure’ for male pattern baldness that Belgravia is questioned about more than anything, it is onions.

Chopping onionsNo need for extra dosage

The basis of people’s ideas about onions curing hair loss stems back to the idea that onions can be good for overall hair health,” explains senior Belgravia hair loss specialist, Leonora Doclis.

This is, in fact, true: the sulphur in them can help keep hair in good shape, and you don’t have to do anything special to benefit from this just eat them in normal quantities. Sulphur is just one of many things that healthy hair needs, so having onions in your diet is generally a good thing unless you’re otherwise intolerant to them.”

The problem, says, Leonora, is that onions are of no use whatsoever when it comes to hair loss. “It doesn’t matter whether you eat them, puree them and drink them or rub them into your scalp, they will not stop genetic hair loss,” says Leonora.

This is a longstanding hair loss urban myth that is particularly prevelant in India, and we are constantly asked by people who do this why they are still losing their hair.

Cannot stop hair loss, smells bad

Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Treatment Men Women Hair Growth Hair Care 360pxLeonora points out that most cases of thinning hair  especially in men, who seem to lead the way in the onion-as-a-hair-loss-treatment stakes is genetic, and the only way to stop it from happening if you have this inherited predisposition is to deal with the root cause. And root vegetables - whether it's onions or garlic, another commonly touted 'natural remedy' that is equally ineffective at treating male or female pattern hair loss - are not the way forward.

There are two clinically-proven medications for treating genetic hair loss in men, one of which can also be used by women. These are both MHRA licensed and FDA approved for this purpose and have been shown to inhibit the DHT which causes genetic hair thinning, and promote hair growth. They can be used individually or together based on individual preference and medical suitability.

A common question asked of Belgravia's experts by men who rub onions or smear onion juice on their head is: ‘How do we get rid of the smell?’. The simplest answer being to bury the old wives' tales and get yourself to a professional hair loss clinic for a proper diagnosis as one thing that these modern treatments don't do is make your hair - or head - smell bad.
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