Onion Juice and Oils Not Stopping Hair Loss'

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Question: I’m 17 my hair loss begin a year ago I’ve tried many methods like onion juice and different types of oil they helped me 5% but my hair fall didn’t stop could give me a better suggestion for my hair loss

Onions do not treat hair lossAnswer: Hi, Purushotham. Onion juice and hair or scalp oils will not regrow hair, treat or prevent hair loss, regardless of the condition.

You would need to have the cause of your hair fall diagnosed by a professional as it could be a temporary problem caused by lifestyle factors such as dietary deficiencies or stress, or it could be premature male pattern hair loss.

Temporary shedding can last up to six months and is known as Telogen Effluvium. When it lasts longer than this it is known as Chronic Telogen Effluvium or Diffuse Thinning. Both are temporary hair loss conditions which present as excessively thinning hair all over the scalp.

Male pattern hair loss is a genetic condition that can start to appear any time following puberty in those who have inherited the 'balding gene'. This causes hair thinning along the top of the scalp only and is often most noticeable in distinct areas, such as the crown and where it causes a receding hairline.

There are effective treatment options for all these conditions but, in order to know how best to stabilise your shedding and promote hair growth, it is important to first confirm which one you are being affected by. Once you have a diagnosis a suitable hair loss treatment course can be tailored to your precise needs.

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