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Olly Murs Plagued by Baldness Rumours

Olly Murs Hairline WorriesAfter suffering the indignity of being professionally fouled by manager José Mourinho at the Soccer Aid match in Manchester this week, singer Olly Murs may have thought his week could only get better. However some newspaper gossip columnists appear to have taken his footballing appearance as permission to draw attention to a suspected case of male pattern baldness.

Now thirty years old, Murs would not be the first young man to exhibit signs of hair loss – around a third of all men the same age will begin developing bald spots. But it would seem that Murs’ predilection for odd hats is further fuelling rumours of hair loss.

Feeling his age

When questioned about his 30th birthday back in May, Murs said he still feels like a 21 year-old who is enjoying a great life and career. However he went on to say, “Hopefully I’ll keep my hair as long as possible!”

Whether this is confirmation of a hair loss condition, or simply an acknowledgement that the risk of developing hair loss grows with age is unclear. Murs has been the subject of speculation regarding his hair for many years, with the Daily Mirror newspaper among the first to comment.

Baldness: a common condition

Male pattern baldness, or Androgenic Alopecia to give the condition its proper name, is the most common cause of hair loss in men and women across the world. The chances of it appearing in a man increase at about the same percentage as his age, hence why about 30% of men the same age as Olly will already have begun to experience significant hair loss.

The good news for men concerned about hair loss is that many conditions can now be treated successfully. The first step is seeking a professional diagnosis and beginning a personalised treatment plan based on proven medications.

Hats in the interim

Murs clearly favours wearing hats, and in general this will have no effect on his hair growth. If Murs were to seek treatment for hair loss, wearing a hat may help to disguise the regrowth process. However he must avoid tight headgear that places tension on his hair (which can irreparably damage hair follicles), or restricts blood flow to the scalp (essential for delivery of hair growth nutrients).

Fortunately men undergoing a customised treatment plan will be able to ask their hair loss specialist for advice about suitable hair care, including choice of headgear!

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