Olivier Giroud Going Bald After World Cup Winning Bet

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The French football team won the Russia 2018 World Cup and, now the celebrations are dying down with domestic league preparations beginning, reality is setting in.

For a number of players this means following through on bets they were challenged to if France brought home the Jules Rimet trophy.
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Giroud going bald gradually?

The toughest of these go to Juventus midfielder Blaise Matuidi, who will undertake a Paris to Turin cycle ride, and Seville defender Adil Rami, who had to fight judo's gold-medal winning Olympian, Teddy Riner. The latter did not go well, with Rami being soundly beated by Riner during a friendly bout on French TV station TF1 on 16th July.

For Chelsea FC's Olivier Giroud this means shaving his head - though his wife requested he wait until after the christening of his new son before going bald.

Giroud has said his international teammate, the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris - who was originally scheduled to do a pub crawl in Nice - will join him in the challenge. Lyon's Nabil Fékir was also dared to shave his head, while Atletico Madrid's Thomas Lemar was to dye his hair.

Since the World Cup final, social media has been abuzz with Giroud fans pleading with the forward not to go through with the bet and to save his signature pompadour hairstyle. The 31 year old may have taken their wishes at least partly to heart as he shared a photo of his new haircut late on 22nd July showing him with a buzzcut. Not quite the shaved head we were expecting, but perhaps he's planning on going bald gradually?

Shaved heads and hiding hair loss

Whilst it certainly doesn't appear Olivier Giroud has any hair loss problems to contend with, many men see shaving their head as the only option when they start losing their hair.

Although a closely cropped shaved head can be a good option for some, others are uncomfortable with sporting what can be seen as an 'aggressive' look, especially at work. Others feel too self conscious about the shape of their head or how prominent it may make their ears appear, to try this style too.

Furthermore, Male Pattern Baldness affects the top of the scalp from hairline to crown and the temples, so even if the hair is tightly cropped, unless it is fully shaven, hairloss may still be evident.

For those wanting to keep their hairstyle who are looking for an alternative hair loss solution, there are two MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved genetic hair loss treatments available for men. These clinically-proven topical and oral medications can be used individually or alongside each other;  hair growth supporting products can also be used with either or both these established treatments.

Though it cannot be guaranteed you'd look as good as Olivier Giroud, non-invasive treatment is an option worth considering for anyone interested in wearing their hair the way they want rather than shaving it, as well as tackling hair loss and preventing baldness.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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