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OITNB Star Ruby Rose on Her Hair Loss Experience


Orange is the New Black actress, Ruby Rose is receiving a lot of attention from the beauty press for her androgynous black crop. But, although she may be winning hair-acclaim now, the star has revealed that she had arrived at her current look after experiencing hair loss from dyeing her hair too often.

‘Image ADD’

Ruby RoseIn an interview with Byrdie magazine, the Australian DJ and model-turned-actress explained that her hair loss from over-dyeing came about due to her constant dramatic hair colour changes – examples of which are pictured below – to satisfy her ‘image ADD’.

I used to experiment with colour a lot more, but once my hair started falling out because I was blond, black, red, blond, black, red, repeat, it was like, maybe just stick to cutting it… So I like using it as a way of experimenting, the same way I do with my tattoos and clothes,” says Ruby.

With tattoos it’s harder; especially with acting, I can’t really get more. But with hair, it grows back, and secondly, you can wear wigs if you need to. So that’s my way of being able to get out my ADD, my image ADD.

Ruby Rose Said She Experienced Hair Loss from Styling Damage and OverdyingHair loss from styling damage

Hair loss caused by styling damage such as dyeing hair too frequently, or from over-use of heated styling tools, can take two different forms.

The first is hair breakage, where the hair becomes dry and brittle causing it to snap along the shaft, leaving a frizzy, split-ended appearance which can make hair look thinner. The second is diffuse thinning all over the head where the hair follicles are shocked into temporarily shutting down the normal growth cycle, causing shedding from around three months after the initial jolt, until the follicles recover.

This is called Telogen Effluvium – sometimes referred to as ‘allergic telogen effluvium’ where it is the result of hair dye – and usually takes up to 12 months to right itself naturally, although regrowth can be spurred on by using Telogen Effluvium treatments and hair growth boosters.

Using hair to create characters

Since the 28 year old started acting she has used her hair to help fully convey the characters she plays. Rose explains, “You know, hair is funny. I would shave my head. Every time there is a role that I audition for or there’s a role that I get—there’s a couple of indies I was in talks with—every time it comes to the character, I’m like, “I think this character should have a shaved head.” And they’re like, “Really? We didn’t see that.””

But whilst shaving her head could rectify hair breakage caused by over-dyeing, or using too many harsh chemicals during the colour process, the other option is not so good for her hair.

Ruby notes, “I have to wear wigs a lot for shoots, and I’m always like, “God, it’s really flattering. I look really feminine, and I look like a woman and I look beautiful.” Then I take it off and I’m like, “Thank god that thing is off of me!””

Dealing with traction alopecia

Belgravia MinoxidilWhilst wigs may get her into character and look great on set, Ruby’s aversion to them may help her avoid developing another hair loss condition – one which can be caused by wearing weaves, hair extensions and too-tight hairstyles such as high ponytails, braids or buns, too often or for too long.

Traction Alopecia occurs when these hairstyles place excessive tension on the scalp, leading to hair loss. This can take the appearance of a receding hairline in women as this area bears most of the pressure, but can also prompt hair fall around the affected areas, such as where a wig is attached to the scalp.

Topical applications of a high strength minoxidil to these areas can encourage regrowth. Following treatment for Traction Alopecia, many Belgravia clients have seen significant regrowth results, so there are ways to deal with this condition but obviously it is best to avoid it where possible.

You can do this by following Ruby’s lead and, where possible, if you must wear a wig, always take it off at night, ensure it is fixed to the scalp as gently as possible and try to wear it for short periods of time – ideally not on consecutive days in order to allow the scalp time to rest in between.

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