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Nourkrin – Does It Work?

Nourkrin Product RangeNourkrin is essentially a natural hair supplement, but it has also branched out into lotions and shampoos. On each of its packages it states that Nourkrin “Nourishes thinning hair and promotes existing hair growth.” And while its ingredients may help to provide an optimal environment for healthy hair growth, there is no substantial evidence that Nourkrin can encourage renewed hair growth or prevent the onset or progression of hair loss.

How is it MEANT to work?

Nourkrin says it “is an entirely natural, drug-free food supplement designed to supply your body with the specific nutrients needed to promote good, natural hair growth from the follicles.” Containing a range of marine based extracts, vitamins and minerals, Nourkrin as a hair supplement boasts ingredients that have been found to be beneficial to promoting good quality hair. But Nourkrin also says that its Extra Strength range “slows down and reduces thinning hair” in the first two months of use, and that the “key ingredient is a protein compound of marine extracts, including the cartilage of deep-sea fish.”

DOES it work?

Nourkrin is a product that has not been licenced by the MHRA or FDA  and has therefore not been through the rigorous testing that medical hair loss treatments are subjected to. As far as the individual ingredients are concerned, none of them have been proven to have an effect of the course of hair loss.

There are only two clinically proven hair loss treatments that have been medically approved and licenced to help prevent and reverse hair loss. If prescribed at the optimum dose to suit the individual, and used and combined correctly, most users will experience stabilisation of loss and hair regrowth with use of these products.

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10th November, 2016 at 6:47 pm

Vanja Juric

in August last summer my hair started to fall out due to stress I think anyway I was advised to try Nourkrin tablets which I did , I bought 1 month supply and taken 1 tablet twice a day with meal for 30 days (just had last one yesterday)and I have to admit my hair looks much healthier and on my surprise it did stop falling out, now when I brush mu hair I have maybe 10 hairs when before would be hundreds.I didnt have much trust in this tables when I got them but now I would recomend to everybody whop has problem as me.I am o buy another box and if everything goes as planned it should be enough.Just to say my hair is growing but I dont know if that has anything to do with tablets , only what I am sure is this tablets did help me with stopping my hair falling out.

19th December, 2016 at 1:33 pm

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Vanja, stress-related hair loss is often caused by Telogen Effluvium. This condition is generally only noticeable after three months and then clears up naturally of its own accord. Vitamins are designed to improve hair health, not to treat hair loss.

11th June, 2017 at 3:40 pm


At. Belgravia i was given tablets full of vitamins - so why do you give vitamins ?

12th June, 2017 at 9:00 am

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Tasleem, our Hair Vitalics food supplements contain a range of vitamins, minerals, botanicals and amino acids believed to encourage normal hair growth and saw palmetto which is thought to be a natural DHT inhibitor. These tablets are designed to be used alongside a pharmaceutical hair loss treatment course as a hair growth booster although occasionally some people choose to use them on their own.

11th July, 2017 at 5:23 pm


Hi , I planned to buy it , and hopefully it will work with my hair But I wonder if I stopped taking those tablets, will my hair falls again !?

12th July, 2017 at 11:56 am

Sarah Belgravia

Hi Msshi, Nourkrin is not a hair loss treatment, it is a food supplement designed to help improve the health of the hair, not to treat hair loss. Genetic hair loss is a permanent condition and therefore, as there is no cure - only effective treatment, the treatment using clinically-proven hair loss treatments does need to be on-going to be effective. You may find this information useful as it is the same response regardless of the pattern of genetic hair loss: What happens if I stop using hair loss treatment?

7th October, 2017 at 2:22 pm

Renata Ziliotto Passoni

No. Nourkrin does not work. I took it for five mounths and had no results.

2nd January, 2018 at 2:47 am


I have been taking nurkrin for 4 weekes now I haven’t see anything it made it worst my hair is so weak now I am scared to touch my hair because when I do my hair breaks down I am thinking of stop taking it

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