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Actors & Hair Loss: Is Nicolas Cage Wearing a Hairpiece in Bad Lieutenant?

As Elvis’s hair goes under the hammer, the king of rock’s biggest fan, actor Nicolas Cage, may have considered buying the hair for more than one reason. Cage’s thinning hair has been a part of his look for years but back in 2007 the star revealed a distinctive bald patch. And recent photos of Cage’s trip to Kenya in his role as UN Goodwill Ambassador show that his hair loss has advanced.

Nicolas Cage Photographed in November 2009 on Trip to Kenya in His Role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. The Actor's Receding Hairline Has Become More Noticeable.

At 45 years of age, Cage has done well to hold on to the hair he has although there have been rumours over the years that he turned to hair transplant surgery. Looking at a clip of his most recent film, the actor seems to be wearing a hairpiece. Certainly, the photos from his trip to Kenya show a different impression from that of his character in Bad Lieutenant.

With two divorces (including one to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis) behind him and rumours of financial problems, it is possible that stress is contributing to the hair loss. However, by Cage’s age, approximately 1 in 2 men are suffering from Male Pattern Baldness and therefore it could just be a result of his genetic predisposition.

Trailer for Bad Lieutenant

It is not known whether or not the actor tried hair loss treatments. There are two products that have been found to be effective after undergoing clinical trials. Minoxidil and Propecia have subsequently been licensed by the MHRA and FDA-approved for the treatment of hair loss in the UK and USA respectively. However, their effectiveness is largely dependant on how they are administered. The best results are often seen when Minoxidil is tailored to suit an individual and used alongside Propecia.

The Belgravia Centre has an in-house registered pharmacy that produces Minoxidil in three unique formulations with added hair growth booster ingredients. These treatments have to be prescribed by the centre’s doctor. To see the regrowth that men have experienced from using these treatments, take a look at Belgravia’s database of clients’ hair loss success stories.

Nicolas Cage Reveals a Bald Spot. The Photos Were Published in the Daily Mail in August 2007 But Has the Actor Had a Hair Transplant Since?

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