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Nicki Minaj Reveals Tyga and Safaree’s Hair Loss Solutions


Honesty is considered one of the top elements for a solid relationship. However, we’re pretty sure reality TV star Safaree Samuels is regretting just how real his former partner, superstar Nicki Minaj, is willing to keep things.

After starting a Twitter beef with the Queen of Rap, Samuels ended up having his hair loss issues and alleged failed hair transplant surgery made public.

Minaj also exposed fellow rapper Tyga, with his receding hairline solution also being revealed, as collateral damage during the war of words which took place on August 14th 2018.

Safaree confirms his $12k hairline

According to social media commenters, Samuels had been speaking out of turn for years regarding his successful ex who finally decided to set the record straight. Nicki Minaj came for the 37 year old hype man in a firestorm of tweets, accusing him of stealing from her as well as having her pay for him to have his receding hairline fixed, as social media users grabbed some popcorn and watched the drama unfold.

I should’ve never paid for that gyatDamn hairline!!!!! It fell back out…” Minaj tweeted before implicating Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga, age 28. “Tyga sh*t ain’t fall back out!!!!! Y’all went to the same doctor!!!

Whilst the Starships rapper aired many other greivances against her ex, it was the hair loss issue that quickly got people talking. So much so that Safaree temporarily made his Instagram account private, whilst Tyga turned off commenting on his account where posts showing his gig in Ibiza were met with a barrage of commenters admitting they were just there to check out his hairline. Meanwhile, back on Twitter, fans and celebrities jumped in to support Tyga after the outing of his personal hairloss business. “Tyga’s hairline was at home minding its business, now it’s getting pulled into this mayhem…” said Shystie, whilst others – like user @Onre__ whose message is pictured here – were grateful to him for eventually chiming in on the situation by tweeting a screenshot of a hair transplant clinic’s website with the caption “The [plug emoji] Tellem Tyga sent u“.

Tyga hairline tweet Nicki Minaj Safaree Receding hairline hair transplant restoration twitter

One of many Twitter users who was happy to know about options for treating a receding hairline

Bald TV and radio personality, Charlamagne Tha God, also got involved tweeting Safaree “I know you see me text your phone bruh. Answer my damn question!!! How much for the hairline??? Stop holding out on the bald bros!!!

Minaj answered him, saying “10 racks”, meaning $10,000. However, Safaree later returned Charlamagne Tha God’s text to confirm the price as $12k – proof of his response was also shared to Twitter where the whole drama played out. “I can’t believe y’all young *****s out here surgically enhancing your hairlines and not telling your Oldheadz…” joked 40 year old Charlamagne alongside a screenshot of his and Safaree’s text chat.

Eventually Safaree went public with some Twitter statements of his own. “1st off Me and tyga didn’t go to the same dr. We did it the same day. Diff doctors…” he clarified. After clapping back at other claims made by Minaj and landing some jabs of his own, he signed off with the plea “And let’s keep the mention of mothers and siblings to a minimal of zero please. Sincerely yours 12k Hairline.”

Later he showed how he had indeed taken Minaj’s lemons and made them into lemonade, telling his followers “No joke I made 30k today just by referring ppl to the doctor who did my hairline … Thank youuu all.. the funny thing is it’s never been a secret.” More good news came the next morning too: “Wow. woke up to a book deal offer for over 500k and an endorsement deal for a hair club for men…” – whether he will accept the offer to become an ambassador for hair restoration surgery is unknown though Samuels confirmed he would be writing a book.

Tyga and Safaree: genetic hair loss or styling issues?

There are generally two potential reasons for men to have a receding hairline or thinning edges; the most common of these is genetics.

Male Pattern Baldness is an hereditary condition which can affect anywhere along the top of the scalp, from crown to hairline and temples, in people with an underlying genetic predisposition. Judging by photos of Safaree’s hairline from a few years ago versus now, this appears to be the case with him as he also shows another classic symptom: a thinning crown. Samuels clearly has a high forehead – which can sometimes be mistaken for receding – but it also looks to have been creeping backwards before moving slightly forward again. The difference is not significantly noticeable, unlike Tyga’s.

Tyga hairline before and after hair transplant receding hair loss

Tyga’s hairline has noticeably changed in recent years

Tyga has a short fade now but used to frequently wear his hair in tight braids. This type of hairstyle, especially when worn regularly, can place excessive amounts of tension on the hair follicles. Those around the hairline tend to be particularly badly affected due to the extra strain they are forced to bear. This is known as Traction Alopecia and over time can result in a receding hairline and hair breakage; this is quite possibly at least one factor in Tyga’s hair loss.

There are non-surgical hair loss solutions for both conditions, with Male Pattern Hair Loss treatment generally involving two clinically-proven, MHRA licensed and FDA approved topical and oral products which are designed to be used daily, on an on-going basis,, given this is a permanent condition that – so far – has no cure.

In instances of Traction Alopecia, if the hair follicles are still active and capable of producing hair, certain treatments can often be used to help promote hair growth, and do not require on-going use after improvements are seen.

Surgery is a drastic step – not to mention an expensive one – and is not widely advised for men under 30. Multiple operations can be needed to get the desired results and, in the case of Male Pattern Baldness, use of on-going topical and/or oral treatments are still recommended to be used as aftercare in order to ensure hair surrounding the transplanted area does not shed.

Nicki Minaj, who is currently promoting her new album Queen, said she would comment further this Thursday (16th August) during her Beats Radio ‘Queen Radio’ show broadcast. Rumours that she plans to have Tyga and Safaree guest on a new track called 12k Hairline remain unconfirmed…

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