New Study Says Combing Causes Hair Loss

Israeli newspaper Haaretz last week printed an article called ‘Hair-raising Israeli research proves combing causes baldness’. The newspaper reported that Dr. Alexander Kiderman, of the Health Department at Hebrew University, has recently published a study into the effects of combing hair in the Journal of Dermatalogical Treatment.

A New Study Shows Combing Can Lead To Hair LossThe research was carried out over a month with a group of 14 women. The women were asked to count the hairs on a comb after every combing session. They started by combing twice a day for a week, then once a daily for a week, and then repeated that pattern.

Admitting that it was “a very simple, primitive experiment,” Dr Kiderman explained that once the hairs had been counted and data recorded, that there was a clear connection between combing frequency and the number of hairs lost. "When we compared the results of a twice-daily week to those of the once-daily week, we found the twice-daily cause the loss of almost 30 percent more hair," he said.

The result will come as a surprise for some in the medical community who believe that combing encourages healthy blood circulation which increases the flow of nutrients to the scalp and promotes a healthy hair growth cycle.

An adult loses on average 100-200 hairs a day, this is normal. But Dr Kiderman says hair loss is one of the most common reasons for young women to seek dermatologic advice. While some types of hair loss will require hair loss treatments, when it comes to Traction Alopecia (hair loss caused by excessive tension on the hair), in many cases the hair will grow back on its own if a woman follows a good hair care routine. Put simply, comb less, don’t wear hair in tight ponytails, and give the straighteners, extensions and weaves a break.

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