New Research Into Curing Women’s Hair Loss Through Diet

Although many think of genetic hair loss as being something that only affects men, this is not actually true; the hereditary hair loss condition can also cause thinning hair in women. As more women than ever seek help with their hair loss, the newly published results of a dedicated six-month study suggest that Female Pattern Hair Loss could be ‘significantly reduced’ by supplements and dietary changes.

Testing supplements for hair loss

In a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the effects of specific nutrients on hair density, hair diameter and the percentage of hair remaining in the telogen resting phase of the hair growth cycle, were carefully measured in a study group of 120 women. The test group participants were all otherwise healthy and anyone with nutritional deficiencies was excluded from the trial.

New Study Finds Women With Hair Loss Should Take Dietary SupplementsThe women were randomly assigned to take either a dietary supplement or a placebo, which they each took daily for a period of six months. The supplement contained:

460 mg Fish oil
460 mg Blackcurrant seed oil
30 mg Vitamin C
5 mg Vitamin E
1 mg Lycopene

The study measured its results in three different ways; hair density was evaluated using standardized photographic comparisons whilst changes in the percentage of hair left in its resting phase and the diameter distribution of newly grown, anagen hair was measured by trichogram. The overall difference in the hair's density and diameter were also measured by trichometer as well as self-assessment by the test participants.

Before and After Photoscans of Women Taking Dietary Supplements for Study into Female Pattern Hair Loss and Nutrition Before and After: Month 1 and Month 6 Photoscans of Three Study Participants Who Took The Dietary Supplements

Positive study findings

At the end of the study, almost 90% of the women given the dietary supplement demonstrated a significant reduction in hair loss (as measured via the trichometer index) and new hair growth. In contrast, the placebo group continued to lose hair.

The results showed that hair density increased for 62% of the women, as their hair became measurably thicker in diameter, and 90% reported a decrease in hair loss overall. You can view three of the participants' images, showing their hair loss both before and after the trial, pictured here.

According to the study, 92% of the women who took the supplements were happy with the outcome.

Assessment concludes beneficial effect

The study’s authors explained that they could not clearly assess to what extent the beneficial effects were directly due to each active ingredient eg. the omega 3 & 6 found in the fish oil, or the antioxidants found in the other components.

But the overall effect was clear: “the present nutritional supplement combines the beneficial effect of each of its ingredients”, and therefore their specific supplement was proven to “improve the overall scalp coverage and hair condition.” The researchers concluded: “The nutritional supplement provides a new alternative in the treatment of Female Pattern Hair Loss.”

Hair Vitalics and MinoxidilDietary supplements for hair

This new research will give hope to the significant number of women experiencing androgenic alopecia, to which a lack of essential nutrients has previously been linked.

Thinning hair, including hereditary hair loss, can often be triggered as a result of strict dieting or poor food choices, and there are simple changes women can make to their diet to improve their hair's condition.

Here at Belgravia we have been recommending the dietary supplement Hair Vitalics for many years as part of our comprehensive hair loss treatment courses. Our clients often tell us that they noticed their hair become shinier, and experienced faster hair - and nail - growth after starting to take these one-a-day, vegetarian supplements.

By helping your hair from the inside, you can ensure your existing hair, as well as any hair that regrows with the help of minoxidil, is in optimal condition. There's also the additional cosmetic benefit in that clean, healthy hair always looks fuller!

Any women concerned by signs of hair loss, should contact an expert for a professional diagnosis as soon as possible. A hair loss specialist will also be able to provide dietary advice for improving your hair's condition, in addition to recommending a personalised regrowth plan featuring clinically-proven treatments for hair loss in women.

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