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New Natural Hair Loss Product Claims to Cure All Baldness

New products entering the market typically need some kind of convincing back-story to make potential customers feel they are worth buying – whether it is an energy-boosting sports bar or an eco-friendly new car – and in the field of hair loss products the ultimate claim is, of course, a 100 per cent success rate at regrowing hair.

However, a look behind the headlines of Regrowz, a new product which claims that it increases hair volume in 100 per cent of subjects with Male Pattern Baldness, suggests that more information is needed before the product can comfortably be deemed a “miracle cure”.

RegrowzNatural product

As an entirely natural product – as opposed to a medically-proven pharmaceutical treatment – it seems possible that what it may actually be doing best has more in tune with improving the quality of existing hair, rather than making new hair grow in any significant way.

The product hit the news last week after its makers announced that it effectively cured genetic baldness on men aged between 24 and 50 – their homepage says that “Clinical studies have shown a 100% success rate when it comes to reducing baldness.” The company say that the product is the result of a secret hair loss remedy that has been passed down through generations, Coco Nucifera Oil, Citrus Lemon and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice being among the key ingredients.

According to the Daily Express, David Chandler, a director at the research company which carried out tests on the product, said that trials involved 50 men using the product over three months. He said that one third were given the product, a third another ‘natural remedy’ and the final third a placebo. They reported that all of the 13 men who used the new product deemed it a success.

Small-scale trial

Unlike a more traditional, wide-reaching medical trial, however – which can involve hundreds of test subjects, many years of research and meticulous measuring of data, often across a number of locations – this trial relied partly on the test subjects’ opinions to form its conclusions, claiming that they all felt their bald patches had become smaller after use.

A team of ‘visual graders’ was also used, though their findings are not readily apparent on the company’s website. What is specified is that “One hundred percent of the subjects in Groups One (the new product) and Two (the other natural remedy) showed an improvement in the volume of hair coverage and a reduction in the level of hair loss.”

The product comes in two parts – one being a restoration serum, the other being a scalp stimulant – and the price works out at almost £40 per month, which puts it in a similar price-bracket to the two well-known and only clinically-proven pharmaceutical hair loss treatments, finasteride 1mg and the topical treatment minoxidil, which are both licensed by the MHRA in the UK and approved by the FDA in America.

Roll-on delivery system

Minoxidil DropperSomewhat surprisingly, the scalp stimulant uses a roll-on delivery system, which isn’t generally considered to be the best way of applying a product to the scalp. The treatment can easily get stuck in the hair, reducing the amount that actually reaches the follicles and therefore decreasing its efficacy, unless total baldness is evident. In cases of true baldness, where the skin takes on a smooth and shiny appearance, it is highly unlikely that the treatment would work given it would need to be able to bring dead follicles back to life to do so.

Getting any topical hair loss treatment straight to the scalp is vital: it is why Belgravia has previously questioned products like Regaine that are applied in foam form. Liquid minoxidil, by contrast, can be better controlled, allowing it to be applied directly to the scalp with less fuss and more accuracy.

At present there are no 100 per cent natural proven cures or treatments for hair loss conditions caused by genetics, that are recognised by medical bodies. Natural products can promote healthier hair, but have been shown time and time again to have little to no effect on treating hereditary hair loss, in comparison to the many Success Stories demonstrating visible regrowth results from proven pharmaceutical treatment courses.

The Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic - Success StoriesThe Belgravia Centre

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