New Hair Transplant Documentary Ft Spex & Spencer Kobren

You may know them as the team behind the UK edition of popular hair loss radio show Bald Truth Talk, but Spex and Spencer Kobren have been busy being interviewed for a hair transplant documentary. Speaking at the start of the programme, Spex discusses his own experience of hair loss, which began in his twenties.

Spex then goes on to talk about how he spent £40,000 on six hair transplants over a number of years, only to be left with bad results that looked "unnatural". Spex now spends a lot of time on hair loss forums giving advice to those who are worried about hairloss and how to treat it. The original 'hair loss mentor' Jotronic also appears, who Spex cites as an inspiration.

Spencer Kobren, the founder of the American Hair Loss association, is also in the documentary. Spencer calls hair loss "a silent epidemic of biblical proportions". All three men are well known figures in the hair loss world, and appear committed to educating other men and also women who are unsure where to begin when faced with thinning hair. Belgravia wholeheartedly back the spread of knowledge with regards to hair loss treatment, and are also keen to educate people to prevent patients from being mislead.

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