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With so many people keen to offer financial support to cancer research charities and organisations it can sometimes be hard for smaller cancer support services to keep their coffers topped up which is why Cancer Hair Care in Stevenage was glad to snap up the offer of a week’s funding from a local retirement housebuilder.

The Hertfordshire based non-profit were responding to an offer from construction company McCarthy and Stone to help fund local initiatives, and found themselves with a cheque that would cover the costs of their weekly clinic at Stevenage’s Lister Hospital. There, trained hair loss advisors offer an assortment of wigs and hair-pieces as well as headscarves and make-up tutorials to adults and children affected by cancer.

Cancer Hair Care Charity Receives Funding BoostMuch-needed support

Receiving the cheque, Jasmin Gupta, founder of Cancer Hair Care, told the Hertfordshire Mercury: “Our services provide much-needed support to hundreds of patients that are dealing with the effects of cancer in Stevenage and the wider area.”

She continued: "At Cancer Hair Care we know all too well the physical and psychological impact cancer can have, and our aim is to provide support, education and practical advice to all those who need it.

Ms Gupta went on to tell the newspaper that the number of people needing the services and support of Cancer Care Hair were on the rise, and that donations were always welcome.

Their work follows a similar path to that of a nationwide service named HeadStrong, which is run by Breast Cancer Care in partnership with MacMillan Cancer Support. Like Cancer Hair Care, HeadStrong offers a hugely important support and advice service to people who have experienced hair loss from cancer treatment drugs (chemotherapy) or during radiotherapy treatment. During a one-hour private appointment one of their trained volunteers will show cancer patients how to make the most of scarves, hats and other headwear. They can also provide practical tips about scalp and hair care.

Hair loss is not a minor side-effect

When it comes to treating people with cancer it can sometimes seem like hair loss is just a minor side-effect of treatment, but many of those affected say that it is one of the most traumatic aspects of their condition as it is a visible reminder of their illness which dents their self-confidence and deeply affects their sense of identity. It also makes their illness very public and difficult to hide.

For this reason, many people women especially benefit greatly from advice on how to deal with this aspect of their condition. In some instances, hair loss can be avoided completely by the use of a device known as a cold cap which freezes the scalp during treatment, but this isn’t available in every clinic and is also not suitable in every case.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss

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