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New Evidence That Stress Can Damage Your Hair


A team of Korean scientists have found that a stress hormone produced by our bodies inhibits human hair growth by negatively affecting both the creation and growth factors of the dermal papilla (where nutrients in the blood nourish scalp hair follicles). For those worried about hair loss, the study makes for interesting reading. We’ve condensed the results for you below.

The Science Of Stress

The scientists have published the results of the study, which used dexamethasone, a synthetic version of Glucocorticoid, a hormone released by the body as a response to stressful conditions. The effect of the hormone on cell proliferation, survival, and growth factors in the dermal papilla cells was measured. It was concluded that the stress hormone significantly reduced the number of viable (functioning) dermal papilla cells and affected a protein that is needed for the cells to multiply.

Until this study, the results of the hormone on the dermal papilla cells was unknown, though the scientists noted that there had been an increase in stress related hair loss in recent years. All this indicates that whilst genetics is the main factor behind hair loss, we need to look further into the effect of stress on our hair.

Joining The Dots

This new research provides further evidence for the idea that stress leads to unhealthy hair and subsequently hair loss. Another way that stress can result in hair loss is by a sudden stressful event causing hairs to prematurely enter the resting (telogen) stage of their cycle, which is known as telogen effluvium.

Temporary stress induced hair loss often rectifies itself over time, however with this new research in mind, and the possibility of the cause of the stress being ongoing, treatment is sometimes required to help the scalp regrow the hair that it has lost. Treatment begins with clinically proven hair loss medications, which block the hormone DHT (a male sex hormone) from affecting the growth of the scalp hair, and then increase the supply of nutrients to the dermal papilla in order to stimulate and nourish hair growth.

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