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New Cancer Treatment Has No Hair Loss Side Effect

radiation therapy cancerNews broke today that scientists have allegedly developed a new radiation therapy for cancer patients that has none of the difficult side effects usually associated with cancer treatment, such as sickness or hair loss. Whilst only in the test stage, the treatment has successfully killed cancer cells in mice, and there are now plans to test the treatment on humans.

Hair follicles get destroyed during normal radiotherapy because like cancerous tumours, they are made up of rapidly growing cells. Because cancerous cells grow quicker than normal cells, they absorb more material than normal cells, starving them of oxygen. The new radiation therapy takes advantage of this and forces these cells to take in a specially engineered boron chemical.

Healthy Cells Are Unharmed

When cancer cells containing the boron were exposed to neutrons, a subatomic particle, the boron atom shattered and tore apart the cancer cells, however neighbouring healthy cells remained unharmed.

Professor Hawthorne, who lead the team of scientists, said that a cancer treatment using the boron neutron capture therapy has been sought since the 1930’s, but only now has this aim been achieved. The scientist, who has been awarded the prestigious National Medal of Science Award by President Obama, said that: “A wide variety of cancers can be attacked with our BNCT technique.”

The scientists added that:  “We are ready to move on to trials in larger animals, then people. However, before we can start treating humans, we will need to build suitable equipment and facilities.”

Hair Loss That Can Be Treated

Because a medical hair loss treatment cannot treat hair loss from cancer, this news is very encouraging. However, we do occasionally see patients whose hair loss from cancer treatment has masked the onset of another type of hair loss, such as male pattern hair loss, which unlike hair loss from cancer treatment will not grow back over time.

A hair loss treatment programme that contains at least one of the two MHRA licensed and FDA approved hair loss medications can help to halt hair loss and regrow thinning hair. The first medication, Propecia, blocks DHT, the androgen that causes pattern hair loss, and the second, minoxidil, stimulates hair regrowth. The two hair loss medications are highly complementary, and together with hair growth boosters that ensure all round hair health, patients have the best chance possible of treating their hair loss.

The Belgravia Centre—————————————————————————————————–

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