New Cameras for Hair Loss

Have you ever attempted a spot the difference puzzle? You should take a look at the Belgravia Centre's hair loss success stories. Spearheading the hair loss industry in terms of technology as well as results and service, Belgravia today will be upgrading the cameras used to take photo scans in their ongoing efforts to improve their services to the max.

Photo-scan quality comparison

Old Camera                 New Camera

The Belgravia Centre introduced its online hair loss success stories section in 2008, with each story featuring comments written by men and women who have previously suffered varying degrees of hair loss. Before and during treatment photos are also presented, allowing others to see how each person has responded and what can be expected from the use of a specially tailored and carefully monitored hair loss treatment course.

As technology improves, the Belgravia Centre also continues to move forward. Due to the nature of the hair growth lifecycle, the quality of photo-scans is of the utmost importance in helping people monitor their progress. Hair grows at a rate of about 1.2cm per month but it may be slower for those whose hair has been thinning for quite some time. Looking at yourself in the mirror each day won’t give you much of an idea about how effective the treatment is, which is where Belgravia’s monitoring system comes in.

Nicholas Antoine for example, one of Belgravia’s clients said: “Even though it was hard to tell as I see myself every day, I did feel my hair being thicker than before. Finally my check up showed me my new hair follicles, which made me feel really pleased.”

You can see more of Belgravia's clients results by browsing through their hair loss success stories. You may notice though that the colours of some photos may be slightly tainted. Belgravia strives to use the best technology for their photos and has been moving with the times and upgrading technology since the success stories blog began, so you will notice the quality of the photos improve.

Photo-scan quality comparison

Old Camera              New Camera

Belgravia's latest camera upgrade begins today, however, for consistency reasons, they will be keeping the old cameras for the interval period of about a year so that people with their last photo taken on the old camera are able to see a fair comparison.

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