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Ne-Yo Teased Over Receding Hairline

Ne-Yo Red Tails Premiere The Belgravia CentreMost R&B stars are known for being particularly image conscious, often sporting fine suits, expensive jewellery and other fashion accessories. But like the rest of us, there is little they can do to avoid the factors foisted upon them by them by their genetics. One such factor is premature hair loss.

R&B singer Ne-Yo revealed recently that during the filming of upcoming war film Red Tails, he was teased by his co-stars about his receding hairline.

Red Tails follows the exploits of a group of African American fighter pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen, during World War 2, and Ne-Yo’s co-stars include Cuba Gooding Junior and hip-hop artist Method Man.

As part of their training for the film, the assorted actors and recording artists that make up the cast were sent to a ‘boot-camp’ at a military training facility. It was here that Ne-Yo’s hair loss was the subject of some good-natured ribbing.

Ne-Yo explained that due to boredom amongst the co-stars, “We would just crack on each other. During the bootcamp there was no TV or cellphone, so at night… we’d just sit up and talk about each other.”

“We would make up movies based on whatever affliction that person had. Like, everybody knows my hairline is ridiculously comical so one of the films was Where Did My Hairline Go? starring Ne-Yo – and the whole room would crack up.”

Last year, after a twitter user touched unkindly on the singer’s hairline, he responded by tweeting on his account “Me n’ my harline (sic) just raised 100k for Japan, what did you do today?” and “Not a problem. Why would I focus on my fleeting hairline when my credit line is SO prominent? LOL!!”

What’s under Ne-Yo’s hat?

29 year old Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, does have a particularly high hairline, caused by the common genetic hair loss condition Male Pattern Baldness. But it seems that rather than doing anything about it he has opted to conceal his diminishing hairline with a series of ever more stylish hats.

Ne-Yo Mugshot The Belgravia CentreAs he is rarely seen without a hat, his fans may indeed be surprised by the extent of Ne-Yo’s hair loss, but a Google image search reveals one of few pictures sans hat – a mug shot taken after his arrest for reckless driving without a license.

Judging by the photograph, his hair loss has progressed quite a bit, with an ever receding hairline, but it’s not too late for Ne-Yo to do something to reverse it, should he choose to ditch the hats.

In the meantime, you may, or may not, be able catch a glimpse of Ne-Yo’s hairline when Red Tails, produced by Star Wars Jedi Master George Lucas, is released in the UK on an as yet unconfirmed date (US release is 20th January).

Treatments available for Ne-Yo’s receding hairline

At The Belgravia Centre, we could help Ne-Yo stabilise his hair loss and even re-grow his disappearing hairline, using scientifically proven treatments such as Minoxidil and Propecia, and supportive treatments like the HairMax LaserComb or Hair Vitalics nutritional supplement.

So Ne-Yo, if you’re reading this, contact us to arrange a consultation to see how we can help you, or fill in our online diagnostic form to receive a home-use treatment programme which we can ship Stateside, or anywhere else in the world.

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