Ne-Yo’s Early Hair Loss

Ne-Yo Hair Loss

R’n’b singers are usually known for their supreme self-confidence, especially when it comes to serenading members of the opposite sex. So it must come as quite shock for any aspiring r’n’b superstar to discover that they are losing their hair especially if they are particularly young at the time.

Ne-Yo is one such singer. The r’n’b artist has revealed that he started going bald at the tender age of 13 an age when most boys are enjoying styling their full heads of hair into any number of silly shapes.

Covering up the evidence

Understandably, Ne-Yo (famous for wearing hats) wanted to hide his receding hairline. At an age when you’re extremely self-conscious about your looks, he must have felt terribly embarrassed. He recalls: “The men in my family start losing their hair really early on. My hair started receding when I was just 13. So that’s why I started originally wearing hats.”

Child hair loss

Hair loss in children

is relatively rare, but it does happen. Celebrities like Matt Lucas and Duncan Goodhew lost their hair as children, so if you or someone you know is a youngster suffering from hair loss, they’re not alone.

Catch hair loss early on

Anyone who starts to notice hair loss should consult a specialist as early on as they can whether they’re suffering from child hair loss, male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss. There are a number of excellent treatments available from us here at the Belgravia Centre that can help to reverse the condition.

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The Belgravia Centre

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