NBA Star LeBron James Considers His Receding Hairline

LeBron James Receding Hairline The Belgravia Centre

US NBA star LeBron James has recently been shrugging off media suggestions he should shave his head as a way to combat his receding hairline.

Despite being one of the world’s most admired and well-paid sportsmen, the 2008 Olympic gold-medal winner has found himself answering as many tough questions about his hair loss as his on-court performances.

After his Miami Heat side’s win over Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, LeBron faced a grilling from ‘Inside The NBA’ anchor Ernie Johnson over his hairline. Appearing on a TV interview with a towel over his head may have been part of LeBron’s plan to deflect attention from the issue, but it didn’t stop Ernie from asking about it.

Head-shaving: Is it the answer to hair loss?

The 27-year-old father-of-two, who became engaged to his high-school sweetheart Savannah Brinson on New Year’s Eve, has recently found that his scalp has been getting increasing amounts of attention from basketball commentators.

The ‘Inside The NBA’ crew have repeatedly suggested the star, nicknamed ‘King James’, shave his head as a way of limiting the signs of his receding hair. But it’s clear LeBron doesn’t want to give in to the media fuss and there’s no reason why he should have to.

While a buzz-cut has become popular with men who want to disguise their thinning hair, it is by no means the best option.

LeBron is a prime example of how receding hair can affect young men from their twenties - or late teens - onwards, often despite being healthy and active. And with a reported $14.5 million salary, LeBron has pretty much every option available to him. But even for men who don’t have millions in the bank, getting an effective hair loss treatment programme needn’t cost the earth.

The best solution is to approach a hair loss specialist such as those at the Belgravia Centre for a professional diagnosis. If there is a problem, the specialist can then create a bespoke treatment course to stabilise any shedding and regrow the hair.

Medically proven treatments

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We also use various Hair Growth Boosters to supplement our treatment programmes. So there’s no reason why anyone should be pressured into ‘hiding’ a receding hairline by shaving their head.

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