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NBA Computer Game Charts LeBron’s Hair Loss And Regrowth


The current NBA 2K15 computer game has been noted by basketball fans for its portrayal of LeBron James’ regained hairline. Unlike its predecessor NBA 2K14, where the basketball star’s digital avatar was criticised as a cruel portrayal of his hair loss, his new avatar sports a fuller hairline, accurately reflecting the stories which have surrounded LeBron in recent times.

NBA2k13 - Computer Game Reflects LeBron James' Changing HairlineEarly-onset male pattern hair loss

Back in 2012, we reported on the 2008 Olympic gold-medal winner’s receding hairline, when he came under fire from the media, with suggestions he should shave his head to combat his male hair loss.

‘Inside The NBA’ anchor Ernie Johnson grilled the 27-year-old over his hairline and LeBron became the focus of attention for many basketball commentators, but he appeared initially to shy away from treatments and to ignore the media’s comments on his early signs of baldness.

LeBron's Avatar in NBA2K14 Depicts His Thinning Hair And Receding Hairline, Reflecting Real LifeAvatar’s realistic hairline

The subsequent release of the NBA 2K14 game in 2013 (for the 2013-14 season) angered fans with its portrayal of LeBron resulting in an avatar with obviously thinning hair.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ star found his hairline was now behind, instead of covered by, his signature headband – a notable difference from his previous avatar in 2012’s NBA 2K13, pictured above, when he was shown with a full head of hair. This prompted last season’s game to come under fire, with some fans even suggesting that designers were trying to discredit or mock the player. A rep for the company responsible for the game insisted, “We strive for current realism with all our players.”

LeBron's Hairline Has Seemingly Been Restored In Real Life So This Change Is Reflected In His NBA2K15 AvatarHair transplant rumours

As our recent update reported in 2014, LeBron may have been affected by the furore surrounding his avatar and the ongoing hair-jokes on social media, because he subsequently appeared on court at the start of the current 2014/15 season with a noticeably fuller hairline. Fans were quick to speculate that the 6ft 8” player had undergone a hair transplant or started using hair loss treatments in order to restore his hair.

The current NBA computer game has continued its realistic reflection of the player, with his new avatar now showing the same fuller hairline as the late-2014 pictures showed in real life. Something some gamers jokingly refer to as the ‘Hairline Fix’ move. ‘King James’ himself may well be pleased that his successful action in reversing his hair loss has been so noticeable as to affect his new avatar as well.

Male pattern hair loss can affect men as early as their twenties, as in LeBron James’ case. But the good news is that an effective male hair loss treatment programme doesn’t require a professional athlete’s salary. If you are experiencing hair loss similar to LeBron James, it is recommended to seek professional advice from a specialist. They will be able to provide you with a diagnosis, hair loss advice and tailor a bespoke treatment programme for your needs.

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