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Natural Hair Growth Institute Sued

We’re a very green planet these days, or at least we’re all trying to do our bit, and most people are leaning towards alternative and natural therapies more than ever, as opposed to medical science, in a bid to cure a range of ailments including hair loss. The Natural Hair Growth Institute guarantees “to regrow your hair naturally” but is now being sued after failing to provide unsatisfied consumers with full refunds that average between $8,000 and $12,000.

Natural Hair Growth Institute is SuedThe Chicago-based company claims it can “closely determine the expected six-month outcome for each individual” and it is “the first effective hair growth program that guarantees to regrow your hair naturally.” According to the company’s web site, the client receives a “scalp detoxification” and massage, which “eliminates chemicals and DHT from the hair follicles that can cause hair loss.”

However, there is currently no natural product or supplement that has been clinically proven to stop or prevent hair loss. Additionally, because each individual is different and a number of external factors can influence the effectiveness of any hair loss treatment course, there is presently no way of knowing for sure the kind of results a person is likely to experience.

“The defendants in this case use highly sensational marketing slogans to convince consumers to pay thousands of dollars for a service that simply isn’t proven to be effective by modern science,” Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan said.

There are many products that claim to help regrow hair but Propecia and minoxidil are currently the only two products that are FDA-approved for the treatment of hair loss, and the Hairmax LaserComb is an FDA-cleared device that can enhance results. However, it is also alleged that The Natural Hair Growth Institute falsely claims that its “Orbit Laser Light” treatment is similar to a laser therapy used in Europe for more than 25 years and recently approved by the FDA. Although according to the lawsuit, the laser devices are not the same.

Nine consumers have filed complaints against The Natural Hair Growth Institute when, following repeated requests, the company refused to provide refunds after the treatment failed to produce results as advertised.

Remember, if you see something that guarantees you results and it seems too good to be true, it probably is. When searching for a proven hair loss product, do your research so that when you visit a professional you know just about everything that they could possibly tell you. That way, rather than feeling vulnerable, you’re the one who’s in control and can cross-examine them to make sure you’re not being taken for a ride.

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