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National Hair Loss Awareness Month (USA)

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month in the USA. Approximately 50 million American men and 30 million American women suffer from some kind of hair loss condition. This campaign, which the UK held back in May, is an attempt to raise awareness of hair loss and educate the public on how to achieve healthy hair including the treatment options available.

Hair Loss Affects Over 80 Million AmericansThere are various types of hair loss and in order to know which treatment method or hair care routine is best for you, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis from a hair specialist or a doctor who knows about hair loss (some doctors have better knowledge than others). Once the cause is established, it may be possible to prescribe proven, licensed treatments. For hair loss in men, there are two options – Minoxidil and Propecia (or a combination of both). For hair loss in women there is Minoxidil.

The Belgravia Centre has many years experience treating hair loss in both men and women and has found that prescriptive hair loss medications work best when used as part of an individualised treatment programme in combination with hair growth boosters.

Based in London, the clinic is able to offer treatment to clients anywhere in the world via its website. We have regular updates on the progress of clients’ treatment which can be seen by visiting our success stories page.

If you would like to book an appointment for a consultation at the London clinic please call on 020 7730 6666 or message the clinic. Alternatively, if you would like to have an online consultation, please complete the online diagnostic form and we will be in touch.

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