My Hairline is Thinning So Why is My Widow's Peak Still Growing?'

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Name: Rome

Question: My widows peak is growing after shaving it for 5 years, at 26 my hair was thin in front but seems my peak is still growing, why?

Answer: Hi, Rome. We would need to see your scalp to give you a proper assessment of your hair loss and why this is happening. However, what we suspect based solely on what you say here, is that the hair thinning you mention is caused by Male Pattern Baldness which can display in a number of different ways.

It only affects the hairs along the top of the scalp, from hairline to crown, known as the vertex due to the hairs in these areas having an inherited sensitivity to a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This can bind to those follicles any time following puberty, gradually weakening them and causing them to produce increasingly thinning hair. Whilst all these areas along the top of the head can be affected, the hairs at the temples and crown are the most sensitive to DHT. Continues below...

This type of genetic hair loss can form different patterns; in some cases there will be a frontal receding hairline whereby the temples are affected, causing them to move backwards - sometimes dramatically - resulting in the appearance of a 'peak'. If, as in your case, the hairline naturally formed a V-shaped widow's peak already, this can become more prominent. This is not due to the widow's peak growing though, it is the visual illusion caused by the receding hairs either side of the peak.

What may also give this appearance is when a man is experiencing thinning on top, affecting the hair along the vertex, that has not yet reached the frontal area where your peak is. In these instances the peak area can become 'separated' from the hair along the vertex.

In all these situations, Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment may be used to help inhibit DHT and promote accelerated hair growth. Clinically-proven topical and oral products can be recommended by a hair specialist. Additional non-pharmaceutical hair loss solutions and hair growth supporting products can also be discussed.

First, we would advise you to have a private consultation - either online or in person - so that you can receive a confirmed diagnosis and assessment with a professional in order to receive hair treatment advice personalised to your exact needs.

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