My Hairline is Receding on One Side, What Can I Do?'

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Name: Harry

Question: My hair has receded loads from one side but my other side you barely see anything tho it looks slightly thin. Anyway to prevent further loss and thinning at the front?

Treatment for an Uneven Receding HairlineAnswer: Hi, Harry. This sounds like a classic sign of male pattern hair loss - any receding does not necessarily appear evenly so this is nothing to be concerned about. If you have a look through our Receding Hairline Treatment Success Stories you will find many examples where clients started off with uneven receding.

With specific regard to your hairline, there are clinically-proven male hair loss treatments designed to inhibit formation of the DHT which causes genetic thinning, and encourage hair growth. These two options - one oral, one topical - can be used separately or together, depending on preference and suitability.

They can also be further supplemented by additional hair growth supporting products and a specialist can help you to navigate the various options available, making personalised recommendations based on your hair loss and medical profile, for your consideration.

If you would like to try following a hair growth plan featuring clinically-proven MHRA licesend and FDA approved treatments, we recommend doing so for at least six to twelve months in order to give the products sufficient time to take effect. That way you can better judge how happy you are with the results.
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View our Hair Loss Success Stories, which includes the world's largest gallery of hair growth photos and demonstrates the level of success that so many of Belgravia's patients achieve.

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