My Hairline is Receding and I Have Dandruff'

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Question: Hello! There, my hairline is receding day by day and having a lot of dandruff I have already consulted with the doctor and in blood, test it is found that I’m having high DHT level but no result have been seen after the treatment I won’t be able to come there please suggest me what should I do to fix this problem.

Answer: Hi Robin, you don't mention how long you have been using treatment for your hair loss or what kind, and - as you are not a Belgravia client - we have no record of this. Ideally we would need more information or would advise you to speak to your treatment provider, especially if the treatment is drying out your scalp and causing it to become flaky.

Based on the assumption that your hair loss is the genetic condition caused by an inherited sensitivity to DHT, Male Pattern Baldness, we can give you the following general advice: It can take three to six months after starting treatment for signs of progress to become noticeable, but it also depends if the treatment you are taking is appropriate for your receding hairline. If your scalp is flaking it is likely that a more gentle solution could be necessary.

Without further information it is difficult to provide you with solid advice here so we recommend you have an online consultation. This is quick, free of charge and may help to put your mind at rest as well as providing you with personalised recommendations for receding hairline treatment and scalp care solutions that can be sent to you without visiting our London hair loss clinics.

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