My Hairline is Receding and I Have a Thinning Crown at 25'

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worried-about-receding-hairlineName: Fahad

Question: My age is 25 and from past few months i am seeing my hairline is receding slowly slowly which is now making me worried about it and the crown area i am seeing small small bald patches when i move my hair and they are getting thinner too. So kindly i need to know what should i do to prevent it and grow my hair again.

Answer: Hi, Fahad. From what you say here, this sounds like a classic case of male pattern baldness, which can start from any time following puberty.

This genetic condition only causes hair loss around the top of the head in those who are affected, and a receding hairline as well as a thinning crown are common signs of this.

The balding process is known as follicular miniaturisation and is caused by an inherited sensitivity to the testosterone byproduct DHT. This latches on to the hair follicles around the top of the scalp, causing them to slowly perish. As this happens under the surface, the outward display is gradually thinning hair which gets increasingly weaker and can eventually lead to baldness.

There are two clinically-proven genetic hair loss treatments for men who wish to fight male pattern baldness. The first is a daily oral tablet called finasteride 1mg; this inhibits the DHT in the body thereby reducing the chance of it having a negative effect on the follicles. The second - high strength minoxidil - is a topical solution which comes in a range of formulations designed to actively promote hair growth. These can be used individually or simultaneously - the latter generally being the recommended route in cases of a receding hairline given finasteride's effects on frontal hair loss have not yet been proven.

If you would like a personal assessment and treatment recommendations tailored accordingly, the best thing to do is to have a consultation with a reputable hair loss specialist. Even just talking things through with a hair expert can bring a sense of relief and purpose, as well as the details needed to feel more informed about making a decision as to how to proceed.
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